Monday, January 28, 2013

White Frames

Happy snow day to some of you friends!

This snow day was so needed. (And I apologize to those of you who do not get them). Today I've been able to catch up on activities of daily living like Bible reading, grocery shopping, and finishing some projects around the house.

One project I started forever ago, and I'm only now making it complete by adding enough frames. 

It just adds a little something more to the stairs. This artwork is from Ukraine...

 A post card from Corey's side of the family and a little frame from Ireland

 A postcard my grandma wrote to her parents from Mexico

And of course, a cat. Who finally looked at the camera after 10 attempts.

What little touches have you added to your home?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chicago 1/2 Marathon

So guess what?

I had a co-worker/friend invite me to do an all-women's 1/2 marathon with her and two of her friends in June. It's in Chicago, so they are making a fun weekend of it. I'm really excited! 

And nervous.

I ran the Indy Mini half marathon 5 years ago, and it went fabulous. Then I ran a 25k 2 years ago and it. sucked. majorly. Corey thinks it was the weather. (It's thoughtful of him to attempt to comfort me :))

And I'm slow. But my friend is running for fun--not for time. 
Corey thinks I should do it...

After today's run, I should probably do it. 
I had my best time ever (for a not-so-fast-runner) for 4 miles! 

I think I'm going to go for it (someone needs to just kick me in the butt to sign up!), and it will helped me get pumped for the marathon relay in October.

Click Here for a cool video about it.

What challenges are you excited/nervous about?

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well, here it is folks...

Our kitchen before

And our kitchen with backsplash!

We are truly thankful to be able to have the opportunity to add some life to our kitchen. (Because you know I'm not doing that through cooking!) This is a small reminder that I have many, many things to be grateful for. every single day.

How about you? What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Sneak Peek

It's been awhile since I've posted, but work has been crazy these past two weeks! I've been coming home, working out, taking care of the house/our little family, and then going right to bed.

An update on the New Years far so good! Since rejoining the gym I've remembered how fun it is for Corey and I to workout together. I'm also reminded that it's a fabulous way to de-stress...and boy, do I need those endorphins right now! The Bible reading has also been going well. I'm still finding small ways to serve Corey...this week it is actually making dinner more than 1 night ;) 

In regards to saving, we've been making some progress. We've saved some money for home updates, so this week we are having our kitchen back splash installed! Here is a sneak peek...

We also got our bedroom rug a few weeks ago which was on back order since November. The pictures aren't stellar but you get the idea.

Hope you are finding time to rest this week!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hey folks!

Back to work/school this week. Although today seemed to last a million years, I am thankful to see my kids again. They seriously bring me joy, sometimes anxiety, but mostly joy. Some of them are just a hoot! I really love them :) 

I'm also loving getting back into a routine--especially with my new Bible reading plan and continuing my workouts. I'm still working on eating right, and some days are definitely better than others, but I've been growing. I've really been able to see some improvements due to the accountability I have. My fabulous friend from my previous employment, Jana, started an accountability group on Facebook where we update encouragement, struggles, pictures, etc. If you're interested in some fitness accountability this way give me a holler!

I also wanted to post the sermon from my church this past weekend. It was very powerful and a great reminder that I have received an indescribable gift through Jesus's sacrifice on the cross. If you get a chance, I really encourage you to check it out here. Brady Nemmers, the youth pastor at Ada Bible Church, is the one preaching. I totally relate to his way of thinking/preaching. This also reminded me that my purpose is to be a witness for Christ. How could I ever hold this gift in?! Furthermore, it encouraged me to be more bold with my co-workers, as well as with my students (although I have to be more creative in regards to working in a public school).

Anyhow, I hope you are feeling encouraged and thankful this week as I am!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions Display

My goals for 2013 are quite important to me this year as God has been preparing my heart for some necessary changes. Although I'm quite excited to be refined, I know that I need a constant reminder about what I need to do. Thus, I searched the interwebs for some ideas, and I found some fabulous ideas here at lil blue boo. 

I decided to frame the resolutions and put them in my bathroom where I will constantly see them. I wanted it to be cute, so my hand writing was out of the picture.

I found this website that I absolutely adore. You can download fun prints (there are TONS) for free!
Click here to check it out. 

So after a little downloading and using scrapbook paper I already had, voila! 

I am filled with joy due to the Lord's blessings in 2012, and I wish to make a better effort at glorifying Him in 2013!