Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chicago 1/2 Marathon

So guess what?

I had a co-worker/friend invite me to do an all-women's 1/2 marathon with her and two of her friends in June. It's in Chicago, so they are making a fun weekend of it. I'm really excited! 

And nervous.

I ran the Indy Mini half marathon 5 years ago, and it went fabulous. Then I ran a 25k 2 years ago and it. sucked. majorly. Corey thinks it was the weather. (It's thoughtful of him to attempt to comfort me :))

And I'm slow. But my friend is running for fun--not for time. 
Corey thinks I should do it...

After today's run, I should probably do it. 
I had my best time ever (for a not-so-fast-runner) for 4 miles! 

I think I'm going to go for it (someone needs to just kick me in the butt to sign up!), and it will helped me get pumped for the marathon relay in October.

Click Here for a cool video about it.

What challenges are you excited/nervous about?


Katie said...

Oooh you'll do fabulous!!! Rooting for you :)

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