Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions Display

My goals for 2013 are quite important to me this year as God has been preparing my heart for some necessary changes. Although I'm quite excited to be refined, I know that I need a constant reminder about what I need to do. Thus, I searched the interwebs for some ideas, and I found some fabulous ideas here at lil blue boo. 

I decided to frame the resolutions and put them in my bathroom where I will constantly see them. I wanted it to be cute, so my hand writing was out of the picture.

I found this website that I absolutely adore. You can download fun prints (there are TONS) for free!
Click here to check it out. 

So after a little downloading and using scrapbook paper I already had, voila! 

I am filled with joy due to the Lord's blessings in 2012, and I wish to make a better effort at glorifying Him in 2013!


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