Monday, January 28, 2013

White Frames

Happy snow day to some of you friends!

This snow day was so needed. (And I apologize to those of you who do not get them). Today I've been able to catch up on activities of daily living like Bible reading, grocery shopping, and finishing some projects around the house.

One project I started forever ago, and I'm only now making it complete by adding enough frames. 

It just adds a little something more to the stairs. This artwork is from Ukraine...

 A post card from Corey's side of the family and a little frame from Ireland

 A postcard my grandma wrote to her parents from Mexico

And of course, a cat. Who finally looked at the camera after 10 attempts.

What little touches have you added to your home?


Leah Bradley said...

Well, we took down the tree this weekend. Now our home is much less tacky.

Katie said...

come do the same in my house? It looks so good! About 2 years ago I bought a ton of thrifted frames with intentions of making a gallery wall. Then we moved and um...I'm pretty sure they're in the attic. Motivation, where are you?!

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