Thursday, February 28, 2013

Accessories & Giveaway

If you know me at all, you know that I love accessories.
A look is finished when you add in some of the essentials...

nail polish

This post is simply to show how adding accessories make a complete look.

Despite the poor photo quality (my camera is out of commission!), you can see that adding accessories adds immensely to an outfit. I try to aim for around 7 pieces by stacking bracelets and necklaces. I also count nail polish as a piece. Look at the women you encounter. Their accessories dress up their outfit, don't they? So go ahead, add more. Make it a party. Flaunt your arm candy. Need some more jewelry? Check out this Monogram Necklace giveaway!

What are some of your favorite accessories?

ps props to my hubby who took the pictures :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 I treasure my Grandma's jewelry.
I have been fortunate enough to have some beautiful pieces of hers. 
I recently added an Amber necklace to the collection.

Here are a few treasures...

And then there are these...

Who wouldn't want a huge crystal bird ring and pendant?! ha.
I had to keep some of Grandma's ridiculous jewelry to remind me of her sass

Cathy Rogan was a classy lady, and I've been missing her more lately. 
When I wear her jewelry, people always ask about it...
So I'm thankful for all the opportunities to

brag about her
remember her
share her sass
and treasure her

Who or what do you treasure?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1940's Party

Well folks, guess whose Dad is going to be the big 7-0 in March?

 Yep, mine!

My mom and I are throwing a 1940's party (since he was born in 1943) at my house in a month. I'm getting super excited about the party, although it will be quite simple really.

We're having a variation of these invites:

We're also going to create some popular 1940's dishes. Who knew there was such a thing! Some of the recipes are found here and here

The decorations will be pretty simple really...just mostly framing old pictures of my pops and placing them around the house. I'm eager to wear a vintage dress I found in Detroit boutique a year ago. We're inviting all extended family and some of my parent's friends. My mom wants to keep it surprise, so we'll see how that goes!

What kind of parties are you planning?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mid Winter Break Recap

Hi friends!

This past weekend (and yesterday) I was able to spend in windiana (aka Indiana) with my lovely college roomie and her husband. I seriously love our visits with them--we are sure to laugh endlessly!

While in IN Stac, Adam, and I ran 6 miles while Corey sat home and drank (granted he did do abs ;))

We visited the Indy art museum...

I really liked this painting...seems tranquil

This was all done with pencil!

We visited Taylor, and somehow being on campus made me act as stupid as I did while I was a student there. Brought back great memories :)

We also saw a harlem shake being filmed! Corey's words: "Taylor students are on drugs". What else is there to do in a little town surrounded by cornfields?!

And of course we needed to visit Ivanhoe's. Yes, Corey is making a strange face while eating his cotton candy ice cream.

It was a wonderful weekend of relaxation and joy. I'm grateful we could go! And guess what else? I just signed up for the women's 1/2 marathon in Chicago. I can't wait to run it with a co-worker and some friends!

What fun things have you been looking forward to?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Traffick Stop 5k

Three years ago, I started the Traffick Stop 5k with my couples small group from Ada Bible Church. (Facebook page found here). The past two years we have had over 200 participants and raised nearly $6k for a local non-profit organization, Women At Risk, International. The 5k is a walk/run that is aimed at spreading awareness about human trafficking, so the proceeds were a bonus.

We just began the process of organizing the 3rd annual 2013 Traffick Stop 5k, and I am seriously pumped to see how many more men, women, and children will learn about this tragedy (and the organizations fighting it) in hopes that they will also get involved in making our local and global community a safer place.

You may be wondering what is the process of organizing a 5k is like? Good question! It entails...

1. Prayer
2. Lots of fundraising (we did through garage sales and contacting local businesses)
3. Applications to reserve a park, street and/or trail
4. Creating logos and fliers
5. Purchasing T-shirts, race bags, water bottles, food, prizes, insurance policies, posters, race bibs, timing equipment, PA system, etc.
6. Soliciting and organizing volunteers
7. Spreading the news on FB, running sites, and of course blogs!
8. Creating a website and online registration (ours will  be updated soon)
9. Revising spreadsheets
10. Constantly thanking your marvelous team members

I have been continually blessed by this event, and although I wanted to give up at one point, the people participating and serving with me reminded me of its importance. I hope this short post can encourage some of you to take a chance to be more involved in your community. If you're interested in organizing a 5k, give me a holler--I'd love to help! Maybe you are feeling led to volunteer at a homeless ministry, seniors home, museum, prison, or your child's school. Or perhaps pick up trash along the highway. What I've been reminded over and over again is that repeating one small action overtime will make a huge difference. Cliche? Maybe. But why not test that statement out?

So, how about it...what plans do you have to serve your community?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh that fireplace

So Corey and I were pretty excited to update our fireplace. We went to Lowe's and purchased:

crown moulding
liquid nails
mitar block
decorative accents

And then...none of it worked. Our fireplace is such an odd size, and was made in an interesting way, that we could not make anything work without hiring someone.

Thus we went from super basic to just a little basic with this wood ornament.

I painted it white, so it wouldn't be so obtrusive. Pretty anti-climatic really...but it adds something!

The crazy part is after we returned most of the items we had a gift card for $54.90. We purchased 2 new things, and without meaning to, the final price it came out to was the exact price of the gift card! Since Corey and I are weirdos, we thought that was pretty cool :)

What projects have you been surprised by?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guest Post!

I have the honor of being a guest blogger on Tomorrow, With a Smile. Katie is super awesome, and you should probably start following her :)

Check out the post here.

Hope everyone is staying warm despite all this snow!

Hoping for a snow day tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Basement Progress

Although I did a "Year in Review" of house updates, here is a little more details about the basement progress...

Corey and I have an odd landing at our basement. 
It doesn't open up right to the main living area, but instead, there is a small room.

We added a table and chairs to hide a big pipe protruding from the wall. Some curtains went up behind the french doors to block the storage room view. (Odd place for french doors, right? I thought so too.)

Corey and I made an interesting-looking terrarium (minus succulents). But I love it

We also put up pictures to compliment the 11x14 post cards we had printed that were written to my great grandparents.

We originally planned on putting up bead board and getting black couches for the basement, but we decided to have the back splash installed first since we're in the kitchen way more often. So slowly but surely this area will become more and more comfortable and usable.

How are you adding comfort to your home?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

House In A Year

Hi there!

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since we moved into our first house...crazy! Although we plan to live in our home for quite some time, it has been exciting to refine it into our own cozy space.

This post will simply be a picture review of some of the main rooms in our house. Because who doesn't love before and after pictures?! Here we go...

Living room


Dining Room

1/2 Bath

Master Bedroom

Upstairs Bathroom



So there you have it. A peek at how we've been able to transform our home.
Thankfully there haven't been too many major projects since Corey and I are so. not. handy.

Hope you check back ( for continued updates throughout this next year!

"We give thanks to You, Oh God, we give thanks!" (Psalm 75:1a)