Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Basement Progress

Although I did a "Year in Review" of house updates, here is a little more details about the basement progress...

Corey and I have an odd landing at our basement. 
It doesn't open up right to the main living area, but instead, there is a small room.

We added a table and chairs to hide a big pipe protruding from the wall. Some curtains went up behind the french doors to block the storage room view. (Odd place for french doors, right? I thought so too.)

Corey and I made an interesting-looking terrarium (minus succulents). But I love it

We also put up pictures to compliment the 11x14 post cards we had printed that were written to my great grandparents.

We originally planned on putting up bead board and getting black couches for the basement, but we decided to have the back splash installed first since we're in the kitchen way more often. So slowly but surely this area will become more and more comfortable and usable.

How are you adding comfort to your home?


Leah Bradley said...

I add comfort by having a yoga mat under the couch for spontaneous stretching sessions & by only wearing pajamas while indoors. :)

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