Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mid Winter Break Recap

Hi friends!

This past weekend (and yesterday) I was able to spend in windiana (aka Indiana) with my lovely college roomie and her husband. I seriously love our visits with them--we are sure to laugh endlessly!

While in IN Stac, Adam, and I ran 6 miles while Corey sat home and drank (granted he did do abs ;))

We visited the Indy art museum...

I really liked this painting...seems tranquil

This was all done with pencil!

We visited Taylor, and somehow being on campus made me act as stupid as I did while I was a student there. Brought back great memories :)

We also saw a harlem shake being filmed! Corey's words: "Taylor students are on drugs". What else is there to do in a little town surrounded by cornfields?!

And of course we needed to visit Ivanhoe's. Yes, Corey is making a strange face while eating his cotton candy ice cream.

It was a wonderful weekend of relaxation and joy. I'm grateful we could go! And guess what else? I just signed up for the women's 1/2 marathon in Chicago. I can't wait to run it with a co-worker and some friends!

What fun things have you been looking forward to?


Leah Bradley said...

That sounds so FUN! I love the line about, "Corey stayed home and drank" :p

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