Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh that fireplace

So Corey and I were pretty excited to update our fireplace. We went to Lowe's and purchased:

crown moulding
liquid nails
mitar block
decorative accents

And then...none of it worked. Our fireplace is such an odd size, and was made in an interesting way, that we could not make anything work without hiring someone.

Thus we went from super basic to just a little basic with this wood ornament.

I painted it white, so it wouldn't be so obtrusive. Pretty anti-climatic really...but it adds something!

The crazy part is after we returned most of the items we had a gift card for $54.90. We purchased 2 new things, and without meaning to, the final price it came out to was the exact price of the gift card! Since Corey and I are weirdos, we thought that was pretty cool :)

What projects have you been surprised by?


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