Saturday, March 2, 2013

Heart Check

Hello peeps!

My small group just finished a book by Francis Chan, "Forgotten God", and now we're onto "Crazy Love." 
I want to spend a few quick moments (because I could go on forever) reflecting. I love the way that the Lord has used Francis to be frank and convicting through his books.

Forgotten God is a book about the Holy Spirit. What struck me the most is that the Holy Spirit, who has power to raise people from the dead, is ALIVE in me! Yes, me. A lowly, struggling, prideful me.

How many times do I go day by day without opening myself up to that power? Or how often to I invite the Holy Spirit to work for my own profit? 

The Lord reminded me that I need to constantly be allowing Him to work in my life, and I need to live for His purposes. My planning and scheming are all futile if I continue to ignore the presence, power, and importance of God inside me! What am I doing on a moment-to-moment basis that gives God the praise and glory? Through the strength of the Holy Spirit, I've been able to keep up on devotions, and recently I've been attempting to memorize/pray scripture. No applause, please. I fail constantly and God continues to rescue me.

(Side note: I have a dear friend who told me in so many words, "I'm weary of congratulating you because that usually increases pride. God is the one who did the work, Holly." I'm often reminded of her statement, and I am certainly blessed to have that friend in my life!)

This perspective adjustment was also affirmed in Chapter 2 of Crazy Love. Francis Chan writes, "No one will remember you. Everyone you know will be dead. Certainly no one will care what job you had, what car you drove, what school you attended, or what clothes you wore. This can be terrifying or reassuring, or maybe a mix of both."

How am I living my life that reflects God's glory and purpose?

Is it so I will get be noticed? Because no one will remember. And that's not the point anyway. 

Don't get me wrong. I know God has given me the gift of planning. Planning events, parities, games nights, etc. is how I serve others. But I need to remind myself, it is not so people will enjoy it and give me praise. It is to make others feel valued and loved as the Lord graciously loves me--how awesome He is!

So how else am am I using my love for planning to connect with others? How am I sharing my blessings with others? How am I serving others on a daily basis?

How are you?


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