Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Fever

I'm am continually reminded of the fact that I will never get another puppy. 
I young dog that's already trained? Of course.

Wonder why? 
Look at the treat I found today...

It used to be a cute round, pleated pillow. Maggie looked at me like, "What? It's not like this hasn't happened before."

The little turd also knew I was upset and ran from me--she got a treat to go in her house since her collar wasn't on, and I could not grab her. How wrong is that?!

Anyway, now that my rant is over (and I really can't picture life without her again), here are some spring updates around the house.

I haven't changed many things, but I've definitely have spring fever!

New pillow to replace shredded one

Yellow garage wreath instead of acorn one.
That winter hat has to go!

Hydrangeas instead of pine cones in the dining room

Aqua vases 

Spring bowl that I will be putting lemons in soon

I'd love to update our mantle but Luna always knocks things down...including glass vases...

Gee, don't just wish you could live with us and our crazy animals?!
As nuts as they are...

1. I know they are nothing compared to kids
2. They melt my heart the minute Mags gives me the sad face and Luna gives me the "I do what I want" face (I love her sass)

And I'll have a pretty mantle update--with old books, fresh flowers, mason jars and a topiary--for a bridal shower I'm hosting in May

What spring updates have you made in your home?


Leah Bradley said...

I still have my Christmas lights on the deck. You're nuts... but I love you.

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