Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Surprise Party!

Here is the post I've been talking about forever but haven't had a chance to write about until Dad's surprise 70th birthday party!

Unfortunately my camera is incapacitated at the moment, so I only have a few photos. However, it was a blast. My mom and dad came over a little early to our house for his birthday. He walked in and said, "Something's different." There were card tables and lots of folding chairs, so I answered, "Yeah we may have a few of my friends stop by tonight" and he replied, "No, did you get a new end table?" I honestly think he though the end table was new...

Anyway, my dad was completely surprised and we had over 50 of his friends show up! Although it was open house style, at one point we had 40 people the house which made it completely packed...but it was perfect! My dad had tons of cards, some gag gifts, and ultimately, a fabulous time with loved ones. I mostly stayed in the kitchen getting sloppy joes and cake ready. It was such a joy to serve my parents in that way--even though my mom did all the cooking!

Here are a few pictures of my family:

This is the dump cake my dad insisted on making 
(such an awkward name...)

Since I'm officially on spring break now (HOORAY!), I'm going to take my dad out for breakfast tomorrow morning. We used to go out every Saturday when I was little, so I try to keep it up as much as possible. (I'm also looking forward to fishing summer mornings with him since he can't ski anymore). 

I'm so thankful for my Dad. I'm like him in so many ways and there isn't a man on earth I respect more than him. Seriously. I love my pops!


Katie said...

How fun!!! He's one lucky dad :)

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