Thursday, April 4, 2013

Run Forrest, Run!

It's time for a Traffick Stop 5k update!

Our website is complete and registration is ready to go.
Our fliers are being printed this week.
We have a few participants, but not many yet.

The annoying thing about planning a race (or any large event I presume) is that everyone waits until the last minute to sign up. At least I can plan on a bunch of people in the month of August :)

I'm also looking for volunteers. Thankfully many of our volunteers from last year will be returning. I'm looking for 10-20 more though. Since the race is only 4.5 months away, I need to put my A-game on and start advertising/soliciting more!

I am SO grateful to have a new co-host this year who is doing all the fundraising.
I seriously hate fundraising.
So I get the easy part of organizing!

You can check out our information at

Do you know of anyone is wants to sponsor, volunteer or participate in our walk/run?


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