Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Well friends, this has been the most relaxing weekend I've had in quite some time! Work has been increasingly busy with meetings, IEPs, and the general wrapping-the-year-up kind of processes. We've also had multiple things planned for every weekend, so needless to say, these four days of rest were in high demand.

What did I do on these 4 days off with Corey? 

Nothing but rest and fun! Friday I had my longest run of my half marathon training...and it happened to be my best feeling (and time) run yet! I am so thankful for that encouragement because I feel ready for the half, and I am confident it was a gift from God. 

After the run, I did some planning of the Traffick Stop 5k, Corey and I hit up the dog park with Maggie, gave her a dreaded bath, and then we caught up on some Fraiser (still doesn't compare to Cheers, but I love Niles). Our neighbors were setting of firecrackers, so Maggie was exceptionally scared. So much so that she refused to go outside to use the bathroom and we...well, we kind of didn't realize that she hadn't gone out. (Don't judge!)

Anyhow, our pups peed all over our couch cushions. We cleaned them up (although assuming one foam cushion needed replacing), gave Maggie another bath, and went to bed. 

In the morning we again failed to supervise or "children". Instead of coming up to the bedroom after breakfast as always, Maggie left us with this gift.

Corey and I determined that we could be ready for parenthood as I wasn't even phased and even chuckled. Also, our kids won't eat their own poop (hopefully). Now just to work on that supervision thing...  ;)

Following the cleanup of the second mess, we headed up north to a campsite to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday. I was hoping to get more pictures of our family, but it didn't happen. I was too busy not counting my calories and eating them away. Although I can't outrun my fork, those random days of freedom tracking calories are so needed. Anyway, here are a few pictures...

This was 2 minutes after leaving the campsite

She is so freakin' spoiled

Saturday night was fabulous fun, celebrating a dear friend's 25th birthday! We went downtown for great dinner at Bar Divani and then headed back to Leah's place for desserts, drinks, and a movie. Leah and I have been friends since middle school, and I love that I can say anything to her and I know there will be no judgement. She is truly a gem of a friend!

Sunday Corey and I skipped church (again, no judging!) as it was our first time in three years not being committed to their Discovery Village program. We used to teach the 2 year olds with one week off a month, but now we are going to focus our serving efforts in other avenues. 

We ended up sleeping in, making breakfast together (aka Corey made most of it), caught up on small group leader training, and then chilled some more. I worked a few hours at Fossil, and then we ended the night with a walk with Maggie, watching Luna destroy the catnip bag (yes, we know we're losers), and finished some shows. Here's a few more pictures of the children we're so crazy about...

Luna is obsessed with the laundry room, and both of them love that window seat

Do you know what one of the best parts of this weekend is?

It's not even over! 

I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity for rest...for intentional time with Corey...for the chance to finally get laundry done. Now I feel ready to conquer the last nine days at school, Kenny and Jenny's wedding this weekend, and my 11 mile run coming up. Praise the Lord for His continual faithfulness in my life. This weekend was a reminder of how insanely blessed I am. I'm off for a run with Maggie, my mom, and her black lab, Moses!

How are you feeling refreshed and blessed?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Personal Shower!

Yesterday I attended/co-hosted Jenny's bachelorette party. It was more of a low-key personal shower, but it was quite fun! I truly enjoyed getting to know her close friends more--they are simply wonderful! The evening also reminded me of how incredible my friends are...I just wish more of them were closer!

I said I was going to decorate for the personal shower, but I totally didn't ;)

Here are a few pictures to recap the night anyway...

Katie is Jenny's sister, and she is seriously a hoot! She planned some fun games, drinks and party favors. One of the drinks was "blushing bride." Here is a picture of us (Jenny is in the middle).

Speaking of party favors, how cute are these?!

I'm sure they are expensive, but darling nonetheless. Click here for another cute favor idea.

And last picture of the weekend...the start to the bachelor party today! I told the guys I needed 1 picture, and this is what they decided to do...

Such losers ;) But boy, they are going to have fun.

So what simple activities have you really enjoyed lately?

Monday, May 13, 2013


I'm gearing up for Jenny's bachelortte party on Friday and Kenny's bachelor party on Saturday. We have the  pleasure of hosting both at our home, so I'm getting a few simple things ready for the guests.

I may add a few more goodies to the welcome tub. Also, Kenny is moving in with us for a bit before his wedding!

I'm not doing too many decorations for the bachelorette party (and obviously none but red solo cups for the bachelor one ;)), but hopefully I'll have a few pictures.

As a side note: Corey and I babysit one of your friend's daughters...

1. Autumn is the cutest ever!
2. We caught her sleeping like this! Hilarious.

What has made you chuckle lately?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jewelry Solutions

I love jewelry. A lot.
But I am desperately in need of a more organized jewelry "station". 

This is what I've appears organized, but it is overcrowded and doesn't even include all the necklaces/bracelets I typically wear.

I searching the interwebs (aka pinterst) for some ideas, and came across a simple solution.
A bulletin board!

I already had this bulletin board, so I decided to see if it would work.
It was perfect! I think I'm going to spray paint it white in a few weeks though :)

I was able to get 2-4 things on most pegs which was unexpectedly nice

Yes, Luna eats on Corey's dresser because Maggie can't reach it

Less clutter, and I can actually see all my jewelry now

Oh hai Luna

I still have this in closet for ones I don't wear much but are my Grandma's or have other memories attached to them

I got rid of some that are not needed!

What simple solutions have you found?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spare Bedroom

I finally made headway on our spare bedroom!

It's a pretty basic room, but we're going to keep it that way for awhile. The last step is to paint the mirror white--I just haven't had time yet.

Here is the BEFORE:


And just some pretty fresh flowers on our mantle (until Luna attempts to knock them off)

What projects have taken you awhile to complete?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jenny's Bridal Shower

I am incredibly blessed. I have two fabulous sisters-in-law, and I'm getting another come June 1!

I had the honor of throwing Jenny's last bridal shower with my mom today. Kenny and Jenny (yes, we already know it rhymes) are an inspiring and God-centered couple. Their love for Him and each other is remarkable, and I cannot be more thankful that Jenny is joining the family. She is quite a incredible woman, and I am truly excited to get to know her even better.

Here are a few pictures of the shower...



I know weddings are a ton of work, plans and some stress. But they are also a lot of love, laughter, joy, gratitude and excitement. I am getting pumped for the wedding as it draws closer! 

I gave some "advice" at the bridal shower today (like I really have any after 2.5 years of marriage ;)) However, the two things I shared were meaningful to me. 

One of my best friends, Stac, has reminded me that Love is a choice. I am human, selfish and difficult. Corey is human, selfish and difficult (just being real!). But I have committed to love him know matter what, and it is so worth it on the days that I actually put my love into action. I love remembering that his wit, work ethic, humor and astounding good looks first attracted me to him.

The second thing was quite obvious. Keeping Christ centered. One reason marriage is hard (and will always be) is because I forget what my purpose with Corey is. It's easy to forget that he will never meet all my needs, and it's not his job to. The Lord is the one who I need to focus on, and our marriage should point others to Him as I attempt serve, encourage, and love Corey. 

Marriage is hard work. But it is totally worth it! I am incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to do life with Corey despite our flaws...because we sure do know how to have fun together!

So Kenny and Jenny, when you need to talk with someone about messing up...or when you want to have some fun...give us a call!