Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jenny's Bridal Shower

I am incredibly blessed. I have two fabulous sisters-in-law, and I'm getting another come June 1!

I had the honor of throwing Jenny's last bridal shower with my mom today. Kenny and Jenny (yes, we already know it rhymes) are an inspiring and God-centered couple. Their love for Him and each other is remarkable, and I cannot be more thankful that Jenny is joining the family. She is quite a incredible woman, and I am truly excited to get to know her even better.

Here are a few pictures of the shower...



I know weddings are a ton of work, plans and some stress. But they are also a lot of love, laughter, joy, gratitude and excitement. I am getting pumped for the wedding as it draws closer! 

I gave some "advice" at the bridal shower today (like I really have any after 2.5 years of marriage ;)) However, the two things I shared were meaningful to me. 

One of my best friends, Stac, has reminded me that Love is a choice. I am human, selfish and difficult. Corey is human, selfish and difficult (just being real!). But I have committed to love him know matter what, and it is so worth it on the days that I actually put my love into action. I love remembering that his wit, work ethic, humor and astounding good looks first attracted me to him.

The second thing was quite obvious. Keeping Christ centered. One reason marriage is hard (and will always be) is because I forget what my purpose with Corey is. It's easy to forget that he will never meet all my needs, and it's not his job to. The Lord is the one who I need to focus on, and our marriage should point others to Him as I attempt serve, encourage, and love Corey. 

Marriage is hard work. But it is totally worth it! I am incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to do life with Corey despite our flaws...because we sure do know how to have fun together!

So Kenny and Jenny, when you need to talk with someone about messing up...or when you want to have some fun...give us a call! 


Leah Bradley said...

Holly, you are such a good friend & SIL.
You obviously put so much effort and love into the planning. It looks beautiful!

I loved your advice too.

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