Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jewelry Solutions

I love jewelry. A lot.
But I am desperately in need of a more organized jewelry "station". 

This is what I've appears organized, but it is overcrowded and doesn't even include all the necklaces/bracelets I typically wear.

I searching the interwebs (aka pinterst) for some ideas, and came across a simple solution.
A bulletin board!

I already had this bulletin board, so I decided to see if it would work.
It was perfect! I think I'm going to spray paint it white in a few weeks though :)

I was able to get 2-4 things on most pegs which was unexpectedly nice

Yes, Luna eats on Corey's dresser because Maggie can't reach it

Less clutter, and I can actually see all my jewelry now

Oh hai Luna

I still have this in closet for ones I don't wear much but are my Grandma's or have other memories attached to them

I got rid of some that are not needed!

What simple solutions have you found?


Leah Bradley said...

Firstly, Genius! Secondly... I like the purple. Thirdly, sorry I comment on ALL of your posts. ;)

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