Saturday, May 18, 2013

Personal Shower!

Yesterday I attended/co-hosted Jenny's bachelorette party. It was more of a low-key personal shower, but it was quite fun! I truly enjoyed getting to know her close friends more--they are simply wonderful! The evening also reminded me of how incredible my friends are...I just wish more of them were closer!

I said I was going to decorate for the personal shower, but I totally didn't ;)

Here are a few pictures to recap the night anyway...

Katie is Jenny's sister, and she is seriously a hoot! She planned some fun games, drinks and party favors. One of the drinks was "blushing bride." Here is a picture of us (Jenny is in the middle).

Speaking of party favors, how cute are these?!

I'm sure they are expensive, but darling nonetheless. Click here for another cute favor idea.

And last picture of the weekend...the start to the bachelor party today! I told the guys I needed 1 picture, and this is what they decided to do...

Such losers ;) But boy, they are going to have fun.

So what simple activities have you really enjoyed lately?


Leah Bradley said...

I love the cake!
The rhyme reminds me of your shower... :)

P.S. you forgot the picture of you girls

Katie said...

What an adorable cake! Looks like so much fun! I'm a little bummed that we're on our way out of wedding more fun showers to plan or celebrate.

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