Saturday, June 15, 2013

13.1 Baby

My half marathon is a week from tomorrow!

I'm running the Women's half in Chicago with a few co-workers and their friends and...

I. am. pumped.

I ended up hurting my knee a few weeks ago due to over working it, but I've had some incredible help. My best friend, Stac, has been a major encourager and assisted me in the process of not freaking out so much. 

I've only run once the past 2 weeks, but I've been cross training. I'm also going to load up on ibuprofen, wear a brace, stretch like it's nobody's business, ice it, and pray the adrenaline is enough to get me through :)  I am confident I can run 8 miles without it being too terrible, and I will have fabulous company, so I will just have to keep my mental state in a great place. 

Here are some of my goods I'm bringing along

I'm pretty geeked about the spibelt. Yes, it's like a fanny pack...but it's so little! I'm also going to sport by BABE (Believe, Achieve, Bloom, Endure) headband by Fellow Flowers. 

While in Chicago we've signed up for the Fellow Flowers package where we will participate in a black dress event, yoga in the park, nutrition class, and inspirational dinner the night before the race. You can find more about Fellow Flowers here. All of us ladies will also be wearing our orange "fiercely united" flowers!

So although I'm aiming for a certain time, I will be satisfied with finishing the race knowing that I've had a great training up until now, and I am surrounded by a ton of admirable women.

I'll keep you posted!


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