Monday, June 17, 2013

Can we mini golf again?

Well folks, today I had a blast with two of my nephews. They are at such fun ages! Nathan is five days shorts of being 8 and Brendan is 5.5. Today we went mini golfing, go cart riding, slurped down slushies & jumped on their trampoline for a teeny bit.

Watch out, there are some pretty nutty pictures...

B had an interesting way of golfing... :)

This one kills me!

Oh do I love those boys. I am eager to see them (as well as my other 3 nephews!) more often this summer.

Earlier today I also began "pruning" two over grown bushes that we are going to take out of our yard. They look real lovely next to the dead one. Ah, the joys of home ownership. (But really, I am SO thankful for our home!)

Maggie enjoyed laying in and eating the brush. Silly pups.

What outdoor projects have you been working on?


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