Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vintage Purses

Although I'm not an overly sentimental person, there are a few items and memories I treasure. For instance, I love my grandma's jewelry, the football picture of my Dad, Corey's family rocking chair, etc. I recently was given items that added to that group...

Vintage purses 

These purses ("handbags" as Fossil employees are required to say) were my grandma and great-grandmas. One was Francis Young's...a dear friend of my grandma.

I decided they'd be a perfect addition to the vanity where I keep my jewelry.

(Like the poor quality and my arm in the pic? Classy)

I'm a sucker for family-owned vintage items. I also received this box (top left) that my grandma earned for perfect attendance at Sunday school when she was young. It was made by a blind man! There are a few others goodies with it.

To end the night, I witnesses this pretty sunset from my car. 
My heart is full :)

So what keepsakes are your favorite?


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