Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Family Binder

Well folks, remember that family binder I was geeked about a few days ago?

I made it!

There are a few items I still need to make copies of, but for the most part it is organized and complete. I was looking for something simple to hold all our important information rather than having piles of papers in random parts of the house.

They aren't the prettiest binders (I went for cheap over aesthetics), but they are completely functional. Each italicized word below is a tab heading. Within each tab there is a clear plastic sheet for each item. After I put it together, I made a list of the items I still needed.

Here is how they are organized...

Binder 1
Personal Data
-original & copies of social security cards
-birth certificates
-original and copies of passports
-drivers license copies
-wills/power of attorney (from my parents)
-original & copy of marriage license
-wedding ring appraisal 

Health History
-immunization records
-doctor, dentist, vet names/numbers
-emergency contact info
-medical info for each person (allergies, surgeries, family history, etc.)

Health Insurance
-copy of primary health card/policy info
-copy of dental card/policy info
-copy of vision card/policy info

School Information
-copies of diplomas
-copies of professional licenses
-reference letters/resumes

-student loan websites
-others (netflix, etc.)

Binder 2
Bank Information
-account types
-special notes
-(I may put our financial goals in here)

Car Information
-original & copy of title
-insurance agreement/policy
-copy of registration
-spare keys

-mortgage info
-insurance policy 
-repairs/updates (i.e. lawn service, backsplash info, furnace repair) starting with most recent

Retirement/Life Insurance
-life insurance plan
-pension info
-403(b) info
-investment info

Another idea for a tab would be warranties or manuals.

Here are some high-tech pictures from my phone...

Luna helped me sort...kind of

Inside of binder which shows what the tabs are

Under the car tab

This is part of our medical info. My future looks bleak

I only found a couple organizational guides online, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to separate items by person or by category. I found it to be easier to organize by category and then have separate "sleeves" for each person's items. The binders, rather than filing cabinets, are also easy to store.

So there you have it.

I hope this post is beneficial to you as you create your own system!


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