Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4

What a week! 

Corey was able to have this week off of work, and we had a blast!

On Monday we did tons of yard work. We are taking out three large, overgrown, nasty bushes in our backyard. We also pulled weeds, trimmed trees, and gave our landscaping a face lift. (Don't get me wrong, it's still in need of. a. lot. And obviously I already of tons of plans for it ;)). I really wish I had the before and after pictures to show you, but just imagine us Corey hauling four overflowing truck loads of brush to a local tree company. Then we had four of our nephews spend the night!

Needless to say, on Tuesday we laid low...mostly working out together, volunteering, taking naps, playing with Mags. What a life.

On Wednesday we had the pleasure of going to Hoffmaster with our bffs who were in town! Corey got tons of fly bites which was quite hilarious frustrating. Poor Adam also got some welts from horseflies. But it really was a swell time, though, as you can see...

Thursday, the lovely 4th of July, is one of my favorite holidays because it epitomizes relaxation. This year was a bit different though. Why you ask? (Just pretend you asked)

I had the flu.
And barfed.
All over.

No need to pity me. It was just a really embarrassing day as we were with Corey's family an hour and a half away when the episodes began. The evening ended well with me being able to see my wonderful friends from high school. The four of us hadn't been together since Christmas! Thankfully no one else got sick.

Friday we laid low. Slept. Drank lots of fluids. Had coffee with a lovely friend. And had a lovely evening with Stac/Adam and their family again. They are seriously a huge blessing to us. This simple blog won't do them justice, but just know we realize how freakin' amazing our friends are...and we love them so!

Saturday I had a shift at Fossil where a snagged a few Christmas presents (yes, I'm insane), and then we spent the evening with the Reeds. My youngest nephew, Carson, has found his voice! I absolutely love it when kids learn to speak...their personalities just flourish! We laughed and ate delicious food. I love my family :)

Today is another day of rest, an incredible sermon from our youth pastor who is leaving to another church to be head pastor, and lunch at Outback. I'm also working on the Traffick Stop 5k garage sale as well as a few other parties/plans.

Oh, and I'm going to make a family binder. I know that is completely random, but I am quite excited about it. I want all our important docs in one, easy-to-maneuver place. I will hopefully blog about it soon.

I loved this vacation with Corey, and I'm pumped for the other adventures we have planned!

What have your summer plans looked like?


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