Monday, July 15, 2013

The Pink Lily

Now that the half is over, I am eagerly preparing for my next races!

In October I am going to run the Grand Rapids Marathon on a relay team. I will be running with my friends Stacy, Adam, Janna, and my brother Kevin.

Stacy and Adam will most likely be running the 6 mile legs while the rest of us take the 4ish mile legs. I'm excited for a smaller distance in hopes that I can get a stellar time. Although we're not aiming for a certain team time, we all have our individual goals. My best so far is 3 miles at a 7:40 pace (which has taken me 5 years to achieve), so I may add in some speed workouts to do that on a more consistent basis/further distance.

I also ordered a pink lily from the Fellow Flowers group (which represents gratitude) in response to Jen's willingness to stay by me during the rough parts of the Chicago half. I can't wait to wear it for the relay! I also get excited to plan my outfits for races...even though I never wear accessories except a watch. Is that weird?

In January my training for the Gazelle Girl half marathon in Grand Rapids begins. I'm pumped! Since it is an April race with limited/no humidity, I'm anticipating a better outcome than Chicago, and I hope to run it in under 2 hours. We'll see when that time rolls around ;)

Although I don't have a runners body, and I have no desire to run a full marathon, I am so grateful I am able to run--and that I actually enjoy it! Throughout the week I try to mix in running with weight lifting and cross training such as the elliptical or Zumba. Despite loving food, and having some poor eating days more often than I'd like to admit, I've been feeling healthier now than I have in quite some time. The accountability of some great friends has obviously helped too!

I plan to keep this lifestyle don't let me slack!

What do your workouts consist of?


Leah Bradley said...

girl... don't have a runners body!? You look AMAZING! I'm jealous of your cute self.

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