Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Traffick Stop 5k

Hello friends!

I'm overdue in giving a Traffick Stop 5k update. 

The Traffick Stop 5k was a huge success! In only its third year, it was went so smoothly. There are only minor changes that need to be made for next year (i.e. signs for the Riverbend Shelter that make it clear where registration vs race bag pickup is). 

We had around 275 people register and roughly 220 participate. I am not sure how much was earned in proceeds yet, as I am waiting to obtain one last check for our online registrations...but I'm sure over 1k! We also had the FitKids360 program participate in our 5k as part of their end goal. FitKids360 is a program that seeks to educate and empower families and children to make healthier lifestyle changes through exercise, nutrition, and positive mental health. Children who are overweight are referred to this program by their doctors, and the entire family is encouraged to participate. There was something so sweet seeing those families cross the finish line!

I am so incredibly thankful for the amazing family, friends and support that arrived (or cared in spirit) on Saturday. Official race pictures will be posted our website soon. I forgot to snap photos of the Riverbend Shelter and City View Running Club (the innercity kids running club I'm involved in Monday mornings). However, here are a few of my phone pictures to recap:


Our amazing small group (minus Barbie!)

Jilly is always there to provide medical assistance

The Osbeck clan

 Osbeck's including cousin Kimmy

The FitKids Group

 Traditional breakfast with our small group at the Omelette Shoppe afterwards

Autumn is a cutie pie :)

Sporting my blue flower that my friend Jen surprised me with!

Although the 5k was awesome, and the cause it close to my heart, I feel that I am being called to focus my attention on other serving opportunities. And mostly, simplify my life. I've been reflecting, praying, and discussing about this topic with Corey and others this summer. What I feel God calling me to do is devote my time to a few areas of service well rather than having my hands in many things. I know with His strength I've been able to do many things, but I feel as if I'm moving into a new season in my life where simplifying and listening more needs to be more intertwined with my everyday life. Although the service I was doing was needed and beneficial, I am not being called to all of it any longer. So we will see what the Lord has in store for our future. (That was a very short explanation of what I've been processing all summer :)). And all this to say...I am looking for someone to take over the Traffick Stop 5k for me since I'd love for it to continue. 

In other news, today was my official first day back to work (although I've been working the past two weeks). We had a bunch of in-services that were a waste of time (minus the hour in there to hear Rachel's Story). However, it was great to be back with friends. And really, I'm ready to be back into the school routine, get PBIS established, prepare my groups, and be in the swing of the fun craziness.

As I was talking with some dear co-workers who are awesome moms today, it reminded me of this article I recently saw posted on Facebook. Although I'm not a mom, I felt it to be quite encouraging. Definitely a bookmarked page. 

What things have positively caused you to let go of control?

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've been in a gold craze for a bit now. It seems that I'm drawn to the color...wanting to incorporate at least a little nugget of it into my everyday.

I've painted a few terracotta pots and a chalkboard frame gold, picked up a few extra gold pieces of jewelry, painted the nails, and dreamed about the rest. 

The pictures below have been my fueling my desire to display, wear, and seek more of this tone--especially as we approach fall (YAY!). And as always, polka dots and stripes are my go-to patterns. How about some of that dipping though?!


Any colors you've been inclined to show off lately?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Job Change

So I love my hair dresser, but we got so busy into chatting about this coming school year that I told her I wanted my hair cut...when I meant just a trim. 

How could I mess that up?

Well, I did and now it's too short. Still just below my collar bone, but I wanted it long for our pictures in October. (Corey and I are getting professional pictures done with Mags in Oct). My hair grows like a weed, so hopefully it won't fail me...and maybe I can squeeze at least 2 inches out in that time? Can't win 'em all.

Anywho, I mentioned my job here, but I didn't give the full details. 

I was recently notified of a change in my job where I will be at Meadow Ridge Elementary (MDR) full-time rather than half-time at MDR and half-time at Lakes Elementary. Honestly, it was a surprise, and I was initially distraught bummed. I just love my students and co-workers at Lakes, so not being able to see them was tough. They are so welcoming, many are Christians, we've discussed school of choicing our future kids there, and even the smell of the building brings me joy!

But I grieved Lakes (sounds silly doesn't it?) and changed my attitude. And ya know what? I am honestly eager and excited to be at MDR. It will be nice to be in one building, develop more consistency, working with the At-Risk population in addition to Special Ed (technically I only worked with special ed last year), and implement the Positive Behavior Intervention Program (PBIS). I really believe in PBIS, and I am looking forward to seeing the positive change that occurs (small and large) at MDR because of it. I also have amazing co-workers at MDR that I will have the privilege of seeing and laughing with every day!

So although it was an adjustment at first, I am pumped to be able to call that building my own and strive to make a difference in a new way. It will also be nice to not be the new person too! I'm thankful that I have an understanding of who most the students with emotional/behavioral/social needs are, and I am comfortable to advocate for them when necessary.

I don't doubt that this year will stretch me like crazy, but I also believe that the Lord has a mighty plan, and He is going to remind me that...

He is in control
My weakness is perfected in His power
We will reap a harvest if we do not give up
There is always something to be thankful for
Work is just work
He is all that matters
My strength comes from him
He likes that I workout to cope too ;)

So there you have it. A fresh new start awaits me, and I am excited to take it day by day (as much as a crazy planner can do). 

Oh and if you want to know more about PBIS give me a shout. It's too much to type here, but I'd love to chat about it and/or send ya a short info sheet about it.

How have you given up control lately?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweet Life

Holy. Cow.

So I've been meaning to update for awhile now, but it took the prompting of a few dear friends (*cough*LeahandStac*cough) before I was actually able to sit down and type!

I went into school today to prepare for the Positive Behavior Intervention System that my school is piloting, and at 7pm I'm just now finishing some work. Granted, I took some time off to grocery shop and cook/eat dinner, but I'm just pumped about PBIS! I'm definitely transitioning into school mode, and surprisingly, it feels good.

My goal is to blog a few more times this week about my job update/PBIS, among other things, but since the Traffick Stop 5k this week, I'm not making any promises ;) 

The few weeks since my last post have been full of fun, workouts, relaxation, and time with loved ones. Last weekend Corey and I had dinner at The B.O.B. with our friends Kelsey and Drew and topped the night off with some Spoonlickers. Courtney's dessert was free because he was wearing one of his nutty Bill Murray shirts (Chive On). 

The next day was absolutely lovely. My handsome hubs and I went record shopping and antiquing downtown GR. Side story: I used the shadiest restroom ever...as in, I'd rather go outside (which I'm now a pro at). Anywayyyyy, we ended the evening with our nephew's 2nd birthday party where I worked up a sweat jumping and flipping on the trampoline with our nephews. (Corey was a scaredy cat and wouldn't join us). 


Carson is such a cutie and has the sweetest little voice. He's also obsessed with Thomas!

Last Monday we celebrated Corey's mom's birthday at Malarky's (Only 22 days late). And guess what? I ordered applesauce as a side not realizing they have the best. fries. ever. Total fail on my part. Eating out is special because that's about the only time I eat fries anymore. (Poor me. ha). 

Last week Courtney and I also did a ton of walks and working out together. Yes, we are that annoying couple on the elliptical side by side. Sometimes I try to talk with him (sweet nothings you know? Right...), but Corey gets annoyed. So sometimes I talk a little more. I'm so nice ;)

I also hung the quilt Corey's Nana made us for our wedding, had breakfast with my new neighbor (thankfully she didn't mind the dry homemade banana muffins), had afternoon coffee with my mom, spray painted some terracotta pots (I've been into gold lately), moved out of one office/into another, loved on our pets, and went to breakfast with my pops.

A few pictures to recap (in no particular order)...

Goodbye Lakes Elementary :(

Hello Meadow Ridge full time! (Details to come)

Staring at a bug. Thrilling. (And I'm the loser who took a pic of it)

In case you can't tell, she likes to sit awkwardly on humans

We also enjoyed a game night with our small group. It has been over a month since we've seen them as we've taken the summer off mostly. And boy, have we missed them! We are really eager to get into a weekly study again. Our senior teaching pastor, Jeff Manion, is returning from sabbatical the middle of September and starting a series on Nehemiah. I'm super pumped.

Friday we headed downtown GR to watch Back to the Future in the Park. There were over 2k people there, and believe it or not, everyone (including children) were actually quiet! We sneaked out of the park a bit early to catch some homemade peach pie at Lucas & Alicia's house. Who doesn't love an impromptu 10:30pm hang out?

What a stud :)

Saturday Mags and I did our long run, and then I went to the Zumba fundraiser for the Traffick Stop 5k! My friend, Leah, is a phenomenal teacher. She is so confident, encouraging, has awesome facial expressions and can move her body like none other. It's a great way to sweat :)

The rest of Saturday was full of beach time with Alex and Emily (they just got engaged!!!) and then getting hot dogs (my guilty pleasure) downtown GR while listening to the Jazz concert at Rosa Parks Circle. 

There's always money in the banana stand

Yesterday was chill...lunch with my stellar in-laws, professional family photos with the Reeds, and catching up on some Arrested Development and Frasier. (Who else has been bummed by the latest AD season?!)

As a side note (was there even a main point to this?), I made this for dinner tonight, but I totally put too much balsamic vinegar in it. Corey was so sweet and ate it anyway. 

So there you have it. Again, this week is nuts with preparing for PBIS (since I technically go back to work next week) and the 5k...but I will try my darnedest to blog more. I even wrote it down. There's a greater chance now.

Also, my nice camera has been broken for months now, so sorry you always get the phone photos. We decided we're not going to invest in another camera until we have real children....someday.

So what fun activities have you been exploring in your city?