Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Traffick Stop 5k

Hello friends!

I'm overdue in giving a Traffick Stop 5k update. 

The Traffick Stop 5k was a huge success! In only its third year, it was went so smoothly. There are only minor changes that need to be made for next year (i.e. signs for the Riverbend Shelter that make it clear where registration vs race bag pickup is). 

We had around 275 people register and roughly 220 participate. I am not sure how much was earned in proceeds yet, as I am waiting to obtain one last check for our online registrations...but I'm sure over 1k! We also had the FitKids360 program participate in our 5k as part of their end goal. FitKids360 is a program that seeks to educate and empower families and children to make healthier lifestyle changes through exercise, nutrition, and positive mental health. Children who are overweight are referred to this program by their doctors, and the entire family is encouraged to participate. There was something so sweet seeing those families cross the finish line!

I am so incredibly thankful for the amazing family, friends and support that arrived (or cared in spirit) on Saturday. Official race pictures will be posted our website soon. I forgot to snap photos of the Riverbend Shelter and City View Running Club (the innercity kids running club I'm involved in Monday mornings). However, here are a few of my phone pictures to recap:


Our amazing small group (minus Barbie!)

Jilly is always there to provide medical assistance

The Osbeck clan

 Osbeck's including cousin Kimmy

The FitKids Group

 Traditional breakfast with our small group at the Omelette Shoppe afterwards

Autumn is a cutie pie :)

Sporting my blue flower that my friend Jen surprised me with!

Although the 5k was awesome, and the cause it close to my heart, I feel that I am being called to focus my attention on other serving opportunities. And mostly, simplify my life. I've been reflecting, praying, and discussing about this topic with Corey and others this summer. What I feel God calling me to do is devote my time to a few areas of service well rather than having my hands in many things. I know with His strength I've been able to do many things, but I feel as if I'm moving into a new season in my life where simplifying and listening more needs to be more intertwined with my everyday life. Although the service I was doing was needed and beneficial, I am not being called to all of it any longer. So we will see what the Lord has in store for our future. (That was a very short explanation of what I've been processing all summer :)). And all this to say...I am looking for someone to take over the Traffick Stop 5k for me since I'd love for it to continue. 

In other news, today was my official first day back to work (although I've been working the past two weeks). We had a bunch of in-services that were a waste of time (minus the hour in there to hear Rachel's Story). However, it was great to be back with friends. And really, I'm ready to be back into the school routine, get PBIS established, prepare my groups, and be in the swing of the fun craziness.

As I was talking with some dear co-workers who are awesome moms today, it reminded me of this article I recently saw posted on Facebook. Although I'm not a mom, I felt it to be quite encouraging. Definitely a bookmarked page. 

What things have positively caused you to let go of control?


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