Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Job Change

So I love my hair dresser, but we got so busy into chatting about this coming school year that I told her I wanted my hair cut...when I meant just a trim. 

How could I mess that up?

Well, I did and now it's too short. Still just below my collar bone, but I wanted it long for our pictures in October. (Corey and I are getting professional pictures done with Mags in Oct). My hair grows like a weed, so hopefully it won't fail me...and maybe I can squeeze at least 2 inches out in that time? Can't win 'em all.

Anywho, I mentioned my job here, but I didn't give the full details. 

I was recently notified of a change in my job where I will be at Meadow Ridge Elementary (MDR) full-time rather than half-time at MDR and half-time at Lakes Elementary. Honestly, it was a surprise, and I was initially distraught bummed. I just love my students and co-workers at Lakes, so not being able to see them was tough. They are so welcoming, many are Christians, we've discussed school of choicing our future kids there, and even the smell of the building brings me joy!

But I grieved Lakes (sounds silly doesn't it?) and changed my attitude. And ya know what? I am honestly eager and excited to be at MDR. It will be nice to be in one building, develop more consistency, working with the At-Risk population in addition to Special Ed (technically I only worked with special ed last year), and implement the Positive Behavior Intervention Program (PBIS). I really believe in PBIS, and I am looking forward to seeing the positive change that occurs (small and large) at MDR because of it. I also have amazing co-workers at MDR that I will have the privilege of seeing and laughing with every day!

So although it was an adjustment at first, I am pumped to be able to call that building my own and strive to make a difference in a new way. It will also be nice to not be the new person too! I'm thankful that I have an understanding of who most the students with emotional/behavioral/social needs are, and I am comfortable to advocate for them when necessary.

I don't doubt that this year will stretch me like crazy, but I also believe that the Lord has a mighty plan, and He is going to remind me that...

He is in control
My weakness is perfected in His power
We will reap a harvest if we do not give up
There is always something to be thankful for
Work is just work
He is all that matters
My strength comes from him
He likes that I workout to cope too ;)

So there you have it. A fresh new start awaits me, and I am excited to take it day by day (as much as a crazy planner can do). 

Oh and if you want to know more about PBIS give me a shout. It's too much to type here, but I'd love to chat about it and/or send ya a short info sheet about it.

How have you given up control lately?


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