Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Although last week was a teeny bit dreary, this weekend made up for it!

I was able to spend lots of quality time with the hubs which was so needed. One afternoon we hit up a local brewery with some fun friends. Later that night Courtney (that's his legal name) and I walked with Mags down to the local grocery store and picked up Argo. Have you seen it? It blew my mind. And made me truly thankful for my freedom.

And I was also glad Corey isn't in the CIA.

(Can you imagine having to lie to your spouse about your occupation if you're an operative?! Yes, I even woke up the next day thinking about this).

Anywho, here are a few pictures of my hottie and the pretty scenery on our walk.

I'm developing a love for wildflowers

I was also able to spend time with some dear Taylor friends. We paddle-boated, drank wine, were in awe of the sunset and reminisced by the fire.

The Lord is good.

I'm so lucky that Katie lives in GR now!!

Last night I was able to catch up a my new sister's life at a baseball game. She is such a peach, and I had a blast.  Jenny just picked up photography which I think she would be fabulous at!

Luna is such a crazy cat. Lately she's been hanging out behind the washer or under the bed. She actually has been coming out more when people come over...sometimes. ha!

Today Mags and I ran almost 4 miles (part of trail was covered, so we couldn't go all the way). She's getting better at running a consistent pace rather than a 11 min mile and then a 7 min mile :)

How do you wear out your furry friends?


Leah Bradley said...

by bringing him over to your house. ;)

Katie said...

Katie's in MI! How fun :)

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