Monday, August 19, 2013

Sweet Life

Holy. Cow.

So I've been meaning to update for awhile now, but it took the prompting of a few dear friends (*cough*LeahandStac*cough) before I was actually able to sit down and type!

I went into school today to prepare for the Positive Behavior Intervention System that my school is piloting, and at 7pm I'm just now finishing some work. Granted, I took some time off to grocery shop and cook/eat dinner, but I'm just pumped about PBIS! I'm definitely transitioning into school mode, and surprisingly, it feels good.

My goal is to blog a few more times this week about my job update/PBIS, among other things, but since the Traffick Stop 5k this week, I'm not making any promises ;) 

The few weeks since my last post have been full of fun, workouts, relaxation, and time with loved ones. Last weekend Corey and I had dinner at The B.O.B. with our friends Kelsey and Drew and topped the night off with some Spoonlickers. Courtney's dessert was free because he was wearing one of his nutty Bill Murray shirts (Chive On). 

The next day was absolutely lovely. My handsome hubs and I went record shopping and antiquing downtown GR. Side story: I used the shadiest restroom in, I'd rather go outside (which I'm now a pro at). Anywayyyyy, we ended the evening with our nephew's 2nd birthday party where I worked up a sweat jumping and flipping on the trampoline with our nephews. (Corey was a scaredy cat and wouldn't join us). 


Carson is such a cutie and has the sweetest little voice. He's also obsessed with Thomas!

Last Monday we celebrated Corey's mom's birthday at Malarky's (Only 22 days late). And guess what? I ordered applesauce as a side not realizing they have the best. fries. ever. Total fail on my part. Eating out is special because that's about the only time I eat fries anymore. (Poor me. ha). 

Last week Courtney and I also did a ton of walks and working out together. Yes, we are that annoying couple on the elliptical side by side. Sometimes I try to talk with him (sweet nothings you know? Right...), but Corey gets annoyed. So sometimes I talk a little more. I'm so nice ;)

I also hung the quilt Corey's Nana made us for our wedding, had breakfast with my new neighbor (thankfully she didn't mind the dry homemade banana muffins), had afternoon coffee with my mom, spray painted some terracotta pots (I've been into gold lately), moved out of one office/into another, loved on our pets, and went to breakfast with my pops.

A few pictures to recap (in no particular order)...

Goodbye Lakes Elementary :(

Hello Meadow Ridge full time! (Details to come)

Staring at a bug. Thrilling. (And I'm the loser who took a pic of it)

In case you can't tell, she likes to sit awkwardly on humans

We also enjoyed a game night with our small group. It has been over a month since we've seen them as we've taken the summer off mostly. And boy, have we missed them! We are really eager to get into a weekly study again. Our senior teaching pastor, Jeff Manion, is returning from sabbatical the middle of September and starting a series on Nehemiah. I'm super pumped.

Friday we headed downtown GR to watch Back to the Future in the Park. There were over 2k people there, and believe it or not, everyone (including children) were actually quiet! We sneaked out of the park a bit early to catch some homemade peach pie at Lucas & Alicia's house. Who doesn't love an impromptu 10:30pm hang out?

What a stud :)

Saturday Mags and I did our long run, and then I went to the Zumba fundraiser for the Traffick Stop 5k! My friend, Leah, is a phenomenal teacher. She is so confident, encouraging, has awesome facial expressions and can move her body like none other. It's a great way to sweat :)

The rest of Saturday was full of beach time with Alex and Emily (they just got engaged!!!) and then getting hot dogs (my guilty pleasure) downtown GR while listening to the Jazz concert at Rosa Parks Circle. 

There's always money in the banana stand

Yesterday was chill...lunch with my stellar in-laws, professional family photos with the Reeds, and catching up on some Arrested Development and Frasier. (Who else has been bummed by the latest AD season?!)

As a side note (was there even a main point to this?), I made this for dinner tonight, but I totally put too much balsamic vinegar in it. Corey was so sweet and ate it anyway. 

So there you have it. Again, this week is nuts with preparing for PBIS (since I technically go back to work next week) and the 5k...but I will try my darnedest to blog more. I even wrote it down. There's a greater chance now.

Also, my nice camera has been broken for months now, so sorry you always get the phone photos. We decided we're not going to invest in another camera until we have real children....someday.

So what fun activities have you been exploring in your city?


Leah Bradley said...
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Leah Bradley said...

1. I'm satisfied with this long post. Anything less... even 1 sentence less, and I would have been unsatisfied.
2. I knew you took a break to eat yesterday.
3. Why is Corey afraid of a trampoline? Is he afraid to pee his pants?
4. I'm happy to get to be in one school full time! That will be nice to focus all your energy on one location. :)
5. THANK YOU for the sweet shout out. :D
6. Your pets are hilarious.
7. You and Corey are adorbs.
8. I'm excited for the 5K!
9. I love you tons!
10. See you Thursday (bag stuffing)

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