Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Porch

I'm attempting to step up my game and blog more this fall. 

I promised to share some pictures with you of our limited fall decor, including our front porch. Again, be warned that these are lame iphone photos since my camera is still dead.

BUT some good news...

Corey and I are getting a new camera! We're not quite sure when (maybe around the holidays when we can steal a deal), but it's at least in the future, people. This is progress.

In other good news, we got a fire pit! I've been wanting a mobile one, but have not wanted to pay a heavy price. I found one on a garage sale website for cheap! It's light, and it even came with a poker and cover. It's the little things, folks.

Okay, so onto the fancy pictures...

Acorns from my parents yard will be in the big lantern soon

Puppy on the couch (sigh....)

 This topiary caught my eye. If you think about it, you realize it's dead. Real nice, eh?
But Mags and I think its pretty!

The infamous vase that collects tons of fingerprints and dog marks

Corey's mom gave me 4 very old family photos (couple generations back!) 
I'm SO honored and excited for these treasures!
Check out the boxer dog (say what?!) in this one. The boy is Corey's grandpa :)

2 pictures are in the basement, and 2 will be on the main level or in our bedroom. Still deciding...

So there you have it.

Any garage sale finds you adore?


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