Monday, October 28, 2013

A Gift

Corey and I are excited to announce that we are expecting!

We are in awe of this gift the Lord has blessed us with, and we want this pregnancy to reflect our gratitude to God. We also desire this new journey to be filled with humility, praise, and thankfulness as we prepare for and meet this little gift. And we plan to have some fun in there too!

Although this post will outline our pregnancy road thus far, as well as some "pregnancy reveal" photos, we want to be sensitive to those who have had/are having difficulties with becoming pregnant or complications in pregnancy. We wish to share our joy with others while also grieving with those who are living out a different situation. We know how fortunate we are, and we want to recognize that becoming pregnant/pregnancies are not a smooth process for everyone.

And for any woman who has ever been pregnant before…you have my utmost respect.

Here are some of the details you may or may not care to know…

I will be 13 weeks on Friday (Nov 1), and my due date is May 9

I’ve experienced plenty of symptoms I’d rather not share with the world nor dwell on. I will say that Corey was (and still is) a superstar husband. I’m SO thankful for his care, selflessness and humor. Oh that humor. Our families and close friends have also been amazing, and daily remind us of how blessed we are!

We told our families (and I told Corey) by writing letters to each grandparent from the baby about why he/she is excited to meet them. Jill screamed for 2 minutes. My mom shouted, “Oh thank you, Lord!”
We told both sets of Grandparents on Grandma/Nana’s birthdays.

It was planned. Here is the short, long version…

I felt that the Lord was laying the desire of growing our family on my heart. At the same time, I was prodded to engage in less activities in my life (although they were beneficial), and be more intentional with just a few. To simplify. To let go of the things I “should” be doing but wasn't necessarily called to anymore.

However, I kept suppressing the nudge because it wasn't how my timeline was prepared. I mean, I need to follow my PLANS not my heart, right? But over the summer, I was able to do plenty of reflecting. I was honest with myself about what my heart truly wanted, and I wanted to respect Corey since this was something he also desired. So we decided to give up control even though this wasn't our original timing. We found out the end of August that I was pregnant.

We plan to find out the sex of the baby. We have potential names already, and we will probably be announcing the name that most people already know before delivery. If you don’t care for the name, just talk about it behind our backs ;)

Mags and Luna were first apprehensive about sharing the spotlight, but now they are pumped (yes, we are still weird when it comes to our pets...the baby isn't here yet!)

I was surprised that pregnancy thus far has been quite a growing period for me: spiritually, emotionally, and well, physically. I often do a lot of reflecting that I do not always share with others—and I especially have done so in the past few months. But without going into more boring details, suffice it to say that I'm thankful for this time to continue learning and growing (maybe not so much psychically, ha!) 

Any now for the part you really cared about…pictures! If you actually read through all that babble before scanning the pictures, I’m impressed.

We were thrilled to snap some reveal photos (at 10 weeks) when we had our 3 year anniversary/family pictures done.  Thank you again, Sara Andrews—you make us look good!

(A few more to be posted on FB soon)

“My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my strength is lifted high. There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one besides You; there is no rock like our God. ” 1 Samuel 2:1a, 2

Let's go blue!


Jana Nicole Smith said...

I LOVE YOU!!! I DID READ THE WHOLE THING!!! So glad to have you in my life!

Leah Bradley said...

I read it all. Mostly because I'm so excited for you two! I love to hear about all the sweet details (and the not so sweet ones).
I literally laughed out loud at, "Jill screamed for 2 minutes."

Amanda V said...

So exciting, Holly! Congratulations to you both (and Maggie and Luna too!), you will love being parents. It is the most wonderful blessing!

Stacy Hoeksema said...

So glad the word is finally out. :) It has been a joy to be able to be a part of your journey so far and I look forward to the months to come!

Megan Reed said...

As you know I have been crying ever since you let us know - and still am! You and Corey will be amazing parents not only because you are amazing people but because of your transparency and honesty. We all want to be a support and to come along side you in this journey. Love you and this miracle growing inside of you!! Cannot wait!!

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