Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fabulous Weekend

This weekend was packed full of fun.

We spent Friday night at Kenny (Corey's brother) and Jenny's apartment--just talking and laughing for hours. No pictures were taken to document the night, but it was wonderful catching up with them and seeing them love as newlyweds...they are so cute!

Saturday Corey and I spent the afternoon and evening with our beloved small group. We carved pumpkins, had family dinner, and laughed nonstop like usual. Some of us also decided we're going to do the Yule Run, I'll Walk in November where you can see the preview of the Christmas lights at 5/3 ballpark. Should be fun!

Here is a pumpkin recap:
Scooping out the gunk is my job/favorite part

Arne used a hacksaw to get the top off his pumpkin

Ryan used knives and kitchen tools in unique ways to shade

Nate creatively did Mike Wazowski from  Monsters Inc.

Awkward family photo

This morning was spent completing a marathon on a relay team! I ran with my brother, Kevin, and friends Janna, Stacy and Adam. All together we ran the marathon in about 3 hrs 40 min. I absolutely love races just for the chance to encourage others and be encouraged. While I was waiting for the "baton" from Stac, and after I passed it to Adam, I was able to cheer on hundreds of runners of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and ages complete a magnificent task. It was also so great to cheer on friends running the marathon and make friends along the way. For my last mile I ran with an man in his 40's. Although we did not talk much, we helped each other by keeping each other's pace and lifting each other up with parting words as I passed the baton and he kept going--despite wanting to quit right there at the 15 mile. 

Runners are inspiring.

 However, I have no desire to run a full marathon, but it did make me eager to do another half marathon. I've decided that the halfs I will complete will be the Gazelle Girl in April or GR one in October. Summer races will only be 5k or 10k just because my body does not do well in the heat. And really, the 10k distance, like at Riverbank, is my absolute favorite.

Here is the marathon relay recap:

My exchange point. I ran leg 3

He did the entire course!

View around Millennium Park as I ran

Such an awesome weekend indeed!


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Wow, what a fun weekend!

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