Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Craziest thing today: I forgot to wear earrings to work!

Do you ever feel naked without jewelry? Thankfully I had a large statement necklace on and big ole bracelets to make up for my oversight. ha. I'm such a loser.

But anyhow, I really wanted to post about my work at Fossil. I've been working there since June of last year, and I've truly loved it! It was fun to learn a new hobby, make new friends, and obviously the product is fab-U-lous. 

But then there's that whole simplify calling. 

So despite the fun run I've had in the mall, and despite me wanting to feed my handbag-purchasing habits, my last day will be on Saturday. 

I am going to miss the people at Fossil, but I am excited to have weekends to REST. ah, simply can't wait for that :) Especially since fall is my favorite seasons...I'll have more time to soak it in.

In the upcoming weeks Corey and I are going to have family photos done with Mags (I wish we could take Luna to the field!), do pumpkin carving with our small groupies, have a girls weekend in Ann Arbor, run a marathon relay, and get ready for our 3 year anniversary in Traverse City. So many things to look forward to and be thankful for. And I'm eager to share the pictures that we haven't taken yet!

Here's a recent shot of Luna since she won't be joining in our photoshoot. 
What a diva.

Oh and Halloween is coming up. I'm not typically a huge fan of this holiday (although I looooooove sugar). But it is so fun seeing the millions of kids in our neighborhood dress up and use their manner for trick-or-treating. We went through so much candy last year, so I'm pumped for it again. Last year Maggie was an inmate. This year I'm thinking she should be an angel...but can't get that darn halo to stay ;) She'll probably just end up bundled in Corey's lap like last year (what a sap!)

What do you think about Halloween? 


Leah Bradley said...

I can't wait to see your family pictures too! :D Maybe you should bring Luna... just put her on a cat leash. I'm sure she'd love it.

Can I come over for Halloween again? I'm 100% sure I will get no trick-or-treaters, and you're right... they're SO cute!

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