Monday, October 14, 2013

Girls Weekend

You know how people say you will never talk to your friends from high school after graduation? Well they are wrong. In fact, Jilly and I have been friends since 2nd grade! 

So anyway, I was able to enjoy a fun, relaxing weekend with some dear friends from HS. It was Auh-mazing being together for an entire weekend. 

We met up at Nell's house in Ann Arbor. The weekend consisted of laughing, wine consumption, farmers market, walks, the Jolly Pumpkin, moving watching, shopping, and just catching up on life with loved ones.

I only took a few pictures on my phone but here they are...

AND Corey and I were able to get our pictures taken on Sunday since it was a gorgeous day! I am so pumped to see them--should have them within a week. We also had a fabulous small group last night where I was reminded that like Nehemiah 4, I need to pray before taking action. I applied that today during some typically frustrating situations...slowly I'm allowing the Lord to change my attitude and reflect His grace. Baby steps, right?

Who have you been friends with despite "the odds"? :)

ps This is random, but I've never met a dog who licks people as much as our boxer. Any other boxer owners experience the same thing? She such a lover!


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