Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Resolutions Update

Hey, remember those resolutions I made January 1, 2013?

I haven't forgotten about them!

Mostly because I made a point to make them as a reminder as shown here, and I see them in my bathroom every morning. 

So how am I doing with them? 

1. Still on track to finish reading the Bible in a year. I realized a month ago that I started repeating some books in the new testament. When that occurred, I thought, "Geez, I could have totally done this in less than a year!" But it's been good taking my time and soaking it in. Sometimes I'll go a day or two without reading and need to catch up, but I'm mostly on it. And mostly because I desperately need it. I've also been amazed (why am I surprised?) about how interested I am in some of the Old Testament stories. Like I'm eager to find out what happens next. The Holy Spirit does wonders ;) I'd like to continue this habit into next year, so I'm going to begin searching for a new daily plan. Or perhaps studies & map out each month. I have to plan ahead to make sure it happens--just the way it works in my world. Any suggestions?

2. Fitness. This one I've been the most proud of. Seems silly, but I think it is important that I recognize what accountability and hard work can do. I don't know the exact amount of pounds I lost (nor do I really care), but I slimmed down, toned up some, and most importantly felt great! My fitness plan actually started December 1, 2012. The support of friends, fitness groups, pictures, myfitnesspal, and setting goals all helped me feel more physically fit and healthy. Now for the truly honest part...I did awesome until about a month ago. Eek! There are a variety of reasons for that, but I am excited to say that I have recommitted my life to being healthy. I'm going to pick up with the running (thankfully it came back quicker than expected), weight lifting, and tracking my food intake. I don't necessarily have the same goals (like before I wanted to bench a certain amount, etc.), so I'm working on what I want the rest of the year to look like fitness-wise. I'm thinking working out (cardio & weight lifting) at least 4 times a week. Corey's helping keep me accountable again too. Thank goodness for him! Oh and the marathon relay is in a week and a half! Although I'm not anticipating the time I originally intended, if I have fun while doing it, it will be a success.

3. Serve Corey. To be honest, this has been harder than it sounds. Which is weird because my strengths are in service. But when I have served at work or church, and have given my time and effort to so many things, he gets what energy I have left. Totally not fair to him! I've been more conscious lately of how I am lifting him up. Especially because he is so caring for me. Part of the plan to simplify is so that I can serve him more/better...because he sure does deserve it!

4. Spend less, save more. This has been up and down. When you have a job that's for play money, it's hard not to spend it. And, well...I did spend it. All at Fossil. BUT we also have been able to save for a new vehicle which we're eager to purchase soon. Granted, it won't be paid off at time of purchase, but we're thankful for some strides we've been able to make. There are always those setbacks though...like furlough days, college loan payments that we want to get rid of, and this whole government shutdown-who-knows-if-Corey-will-get-paid deal. However, we know that money is just money, the Lord will provide, AND we have the responsibility to be smarter with our mula!

So there you have it. The is the first time I have ever set new years resolutions (previously thinking they were stupid), and I've been able to show improvement in those areas--some great, some small. The biggest lesson I've learned thus far?

If you make it a priority, and have positive accountability, then change will occur. And change is so good.

So what do you make a priority?


Leah Bradley said...

So proud of you! This is amazing.

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