Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Camera Fun

Friends, I've finally replaced my camera. 

After it not working for almost a year, and the anticipation of a little one in the spring, we wanted to have something that took quality photos. (Yay for fewer iphone photos in the blog now!)

I purchased a Nikon D3200. As of right now I'm not looking into purchasing and practicing with different types of lenses. I need to figure out the camera first! It has been fun to play around with the settings and figure out which to use in various types of lights.

Here are some of the pictures...and update from this week 
(WARNING: they are quite random and most are of our pets, ha)

I get Corey an ornament every year for Christmas

16.5 weeks

(It's surprisingly more difficult to take pictures of her since her head is always moving, and she never looks at the camera)


This was 5 seconds before she pounced on me (from underneath the Christmas tree)

Before picture of the basement. We're selling the furniture tonight!
(More to come in a post later this month)

Before picture of downstairs spare bedroom

I obviously have more to learn, but it's fun! I'm a grateful gal indeed.

What's something you need to learn more about?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This was such a great reminder for me today.

Thought I would share!

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...


I don't know what's gotten into me this year, but I am pumped for the holidays. Yes, you already know I've started listening to Christmas music (since October), but this past weekend we put up our Christmas decorations!

I have to get a stocking for baby, finish the porch decor, and put up a few more candles and then we're set. But you get the idea for the main living area...

Every year since we've been dating I've gotten Corey an ornament for Christmas.
This was a "we're expecting" one :)

(Still poor-quality iphone photos as the real camera hasn't arrived yet)

Also, we are blessed to be able to update our basement a little more. Corey's mom is going to paint our guest bedroom since we're moving it downstairs, as well as a chair rail so the bright blue isn't so overwhelming. We also sold our red couch in preparation for a black one. I will be posting before/after pictures, but these projects will probably get started closer to Christmas break. Although there are always lots of finishing touches that need to be done, we are thankful to be able to do a few major steps in the near future.

Since the holidays are a busy time, our small group decided to spend the next month serving together. This week we filled a few bags for Pregnancy Resource Center. Although it wasn't a ton, it was a great reminder of how incredibly fortunate we are--especially with all the support we have with a baby on the way. I take too many things for granted, that's for sure.

Our pastor is also starting a new sermon series called "Selfless" from the book of Philippians. It was so good last week...such a great reminder that life is not about me or my family. Sometimes I need those reality checks ya know?

So how do you give back to your community?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3 Year Anniversary

Corey and I celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary today! 

How did we spend it? Well, I spent it at parent-teacher conferences until 8:30pm. BUT we were able to celebrate it this past weekend, and we both had work off on Monday.

On Saturday Corey and I went up to Traverse City for the day. It was so. much. fun!!

We had lunch at Poppycocks with our friends, Nate and Kara
Went shopping (scoping out new cameras and purchased our first board book for baby)
Drank a beer and huge hot chocolate at Brew
Had dinner with Corey's great Aunt and Uncle who are incredible hosts and story-tellers...they even brought out a cake with a candle for each of us and sang "Happy Anniversary!"

Unfortunately, I only took one picture :/ But at least its of my hot hubby!

Sunday we relaxed and literally did nothing (except Corey had some homework) which was absolutely fabulous. 

On Monday we went car shopping! Both of us are anti-hassle whenever possible, so we only ended up going to one location. Mostly because the 3 other Subaru Foresters we were interested in sold a few days prior...oops.

But anyhow, we ended up negotiating a price and driving 35 minutes back home before we got a call that a lower price was convenient. But it was worth it to get some mula taken off. So we picked up our 2010 Subaru Forester! I didn't think I'd like the color at first, but I really love it. And it has a turbo engine like our Saab so it accelerates quickly. That's not something I particularly enjoy doing so save on gas and the engine wear, but it is a big update from my 2002 prizm. And to top it off, I now have power locks and cruise control! What a blessing.

My sweet, sweet Chevy lasted me 9 years, but we also sold it tonight! Craigslist was such a hit, so now we're going to sell some furniture to upgrade the basement.

So back to the main point: our anniversary was filled with fun, relaxation, laundry, and a new vehicle. Fabulously low key. It was stellar to spend some quality time with my amazing husband :)

What simple celebrations have you loved?

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I was reading through some silly wives tales the other day as I began planning our gender reveal/Corey's MSA graduation party for our family. One tale revolves around increased moodiness. I asked Corey to be honest in answering if I was more moody (poor guy!)...he hesitantly said yes. Of course I am, there's a human growing in me and my hormones are surging ;) We'll see if those wives tales hold any truth to them next month!


I am not used to feeling so emotional out of control. I am not crying often, but I am letting ordinary situations upset me more, and at times, I let fear creep in. I find myself waking up in the middle of night for an hour or so to process what my heart is feeling and my head is trying to ignore. Such was a few nights ago, when I started this Corey snored away.

I guess the "out of control" feelings can be scary, but also wonderfully awesome as well. Lately, they've been circling back to the topic of worth.  Years ago (because I'm so old now), I use to find worth in pleasing people. Then I grew into a healthier me and found my worth in my performance. Such an improvement right?

Thankfully the Lord hasn't given up on me, and he continues to mold me into what he had planned for me from the beginning. What I know now, despite the persistence of those former lies, is that my worth comes from being a dearly loved child of God.

As I transition into what motherhood looks like for me, though, I am weary that I will allow my worth to be found in my successes and failures as a parent. Granted, my identity will be transformed into being a mom, which I'm freakin' excited about, but I don't want my new life as a mom to determine my value.

I am expecting it will be hard. I will be reminded of my humanness. And I will fail.

But despite the reality of parenthood, I want to my child to see their mom rejoicing in everything life brings us, living life with the gratitude and confidence that her importance comes from the One who provides undeserving love, power, and hope!

I am obviously just mulling over what motherhood feels like as our pumpkin grows but is not here yet. But I am eager to see how this journey will be difficult...and oh so worth it.

And as a dearly loved child of God, I know He's always got my back.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Random Musings

Well it's hard to top off a post like my last one. But what Corey and I discovered from announcing our news was that we are surrounded by so much love. We were struck by how many people were so supportive, excited and willing to pray for us. Not to mention all the people who encouraged us despite us lacking confidence in this journey at times. The Lord is so good, and we were deeply reminded of that this past week!

Over the weekend I wasn't feeling too stellar, but we've learned to roll with it and count our blessings. However, it made for a kind of uneventful Sunday...which was fabulous. Friday and Saturday were full of having friends over, our nephew's 6th birthday party, and a girls night, so when plans were cancelled on Sunday we were okay with it :)

This weekend Corey and I are looking forward to celebrating our 3 year anniversary! We're taking a day to go up to Traverse City. While there we're going to visit a few friends, as well as his Aunt and Uncle. 

And we're also going to...dun dun dun...

Test drive some vehicles! 

Remember when I talked about getting a new car what seems like 10 million years ago? The time has arrived, folks. And I'm pumped. I'll keep you posted when we actually upgrade (anything is an upgrade from my loyal 2002 Chevy Prizm). We are even going to try and get some money out of my car. We determined that if we're lucky we can get a new camera and pair of boots out of it. ha! We'll see what happens ;)

I feel like time is flying these days...can you believe it's already November? A co-worker reminded me that I have 23 school days till Christmas break. Nuts! We have the privilege of traveling to FL over break with Corey's family, so there's something extra special to look forward to. 

And to add one more random observation to this random post: I am so so so excited for snow! More than I ever have been before. I'm not really even sure why since come the end of February I hate it. But I'm just so pumped for being cozy in bed with the white landscape all around. Being able to trudge around in my boots, drink hot cocoa, put up Christmas decorations, attend Christmas programs/concerts, listen to Christmas music (which I've already started doing), and spend more time with family. I even expected to see snow when I peeked out of my window this morning. Weird right? But it's just how I'm feeling and right now I'm going to enjoy it!

What feelings have you been surprised by lately?