Wednesday, November 13, 2013

3 Year Anniversary

Corey and I celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary today! 

How did we spend it? Well, I spent it at parent-teacher conferences until 8:30pm. BUT we were able to celebrate it this past weekend, and we both had work off on Monday.

On Saturday Corey and I went up to Traverse City for the day. It was so. much. fun!!

We had lunch at Poppycocks with our friends, Nate and Kara
Went shopping (scoping out new cameras and purchased our first board book for baby)
Drank a beer and huge hot chocolate at Brew
Had dinner with Corey's great Aunt and Uncle who are incredible hosts and story-tellers...they even brought out a cake with a candle for each of us and sang "Happy Anniversary!"

Unfortunately, I only took one picture :/ But at least its of my hot hubby!

Sunday we relaxed and literally did nothing (except Corey had some homework) which was absolutely fabulous. 

On Monday we went car shopping! Both of us are anti-hassle whenever possible, so we only ended up going to one location. Mostly because the 3 other Subaru Foresters we were interested in sold a few days prior...oops.

But anyhow, we ended up negotiating a price and driving 35 minutes back home before we got a call that a lower price was convenient. But it was worth it to get some mula taken off. So we picked up our 2010 Subaru Forester! I didn't think I'd like the color at first, but I really love it. And it has a turbo engine like our Saab so it accelerates quickly. That's not something I particularly enjoy doing so save on gas and the engine wear, but it is a big update from my 2002 prizm. And to top it off, I now have power locks and cruise control! What a blessing.

My sweet, sweet Chevy lasted me 9 years, but we also sold it tonight! Craigslist was such a hit, so now we're going to sell some furniture to upgrade the basement.

So back to the main point: our anniversary was filled with fun, relaxation, laundry, and a new vehicle. Fabulously low key. It was stellar to spend some quality time with my amazing husband :)

What simple celebrations have you loved?


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