Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Camera Fun

Friends, I've finally replaced my camera. 

After it not working for almost a year, and the anticipation of a little one in the spring, we wanted to have something that took quality photos. (Yay for fewer iphone photos in the blog now!)

I purchased a Nikon D3200. As of right now I'm not looking into purchasing and practicing with different types of lenses. I need to figure out the camera first! It has been fun to play around with the settings and figure out which to use in various types of lights.

Here are some of the pictures...and update from this week 
(WARNING: they are quite random and most are of our pets, ha)

I get Corey an ornament every year for Christmas

16.5 weeks

(It's surprisingly more difficult to take pictures of her since her head is always moving, and she never looks at the camera)


This was 5 seconds before she pounced on me (from underneath the Christmas tree)

Before picture of the basement. We're selling the furniture tonight!
(More to come in a post later this month)

Before picture of downstairs spare bedroom

I obviously have more to learn, but it's fun! I'm a grateful gal indeed.

What's something you need to learn more about?


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