Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...


I don't know what's gotten into me this year, but I am pumped for the holidays. Yes, you already know I've started listening to Christmas music (since October), but this past weekend we put up our Christmas decorations!

I have to get a stocking for baby, finish the porch decor, and put up a few more candles and then we're set. But you get the idea for the main living area...

Every year since we've been dating I've gotten Corey an ornament for Christmas.
This was a "we're expecting" one :)

(Still poor-quality iphone photos as the real camera hasn't arrived yet)

Also, we are blessed to be able to update our basement a little more. Corey's mom is going to paint our guest bedroom since we're moving it downstairs, as well as a chair rail so the bright blue isn't so overwhelming. We also sold our red couch in preparation for a black one. I will be posting before/after pictures, but these projects will probably get started closer to Christmas break. Although there are always lots of finishing touches that need to be done, we are thankful to be able to do a few major steps in the near future.

Since the holidays are a busy time, our small group decided to spend the next month serving together. This week we filled a few bags for Pregnancy Resource Center. Although it wasn't a ton, it was a great reminder of how incredibly fortunate we are--especially with all the support we have with a baby on the way. I take too many things for granted, that's for sure.

Our pastor is also starting a new sermon series called "Selfless" from the book of Philippians. It was so good last week...such a great reminder that life is not about me or my family. Sometimes I need those reality checks ya know?

So how do you give back to your community?


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