Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spare Bedroom Update

We decided to move our spare bedroom to the basement, and we've made some headway. My gracious mother-in-law painted the room for us while we were at work one day!



Craft area

Vintage bell and crystal jar with mints

Bookcase isn't center, and it's driving me nuts ;)

Vintage iron as door stop

Welcome basket

Spare bathroom
It's in need of a rounded shower curtain and a little bit of love

To finish the spare bedroom, I'd like to fill in the space to the left of the bed. It's not exactly center since we didn't want to cover up the vent. I'm thinking some kind of wall gallery or "wave" of pictures and plates.


In regards to nightstands, mirrored ones are my top choice for this room, but metallic are pretty too. I'm planning on a smaller size.


And next stop besides the nursery...
Clean/organize the embarrassingly messy storage room!

What nightstands would you chose?


Katie said...

Love it!!!! How exciting that you're almost ready to start working on the NURSERY! :)

I would I always struggle with the price of small furniture like nightstands! As a grown adult, I should probably get over it and start buying real, nice furniture. Can't wait to see what you pick out!

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