Sunday, December 1, 2013


What a wonderful Thanksgiving break we've had!

Wednesday I ran errands with Mags because she needed her updated rabies shot. The weirdo was terrified of getting on the scale, so I had to push all 66 pounds of her onto it multiple times, and then she loved the attention she got during the shot to not even notice it. Such a boxer. I also purchased a steam cleaner at the Bissell outlet (finally!), and headed to the gym with Corey. Thrilling, I know. But days off to do simple tasks are so needed!

Remarkably, I've made it to the gym 3 times this week. I am keeping it slow by walking on an incline, running no more than a mile (unless I really want to push myself), and doing the elliptical. Thankfully Corey takes forever to lift (Mr. talkative), so I'm forced to do something for 40 minutes.

I'm thankful for a husband who pushes me to exercise. Not once in our 8.5 years have I ever heard him say I needed to get to the gym or commented negatively about my body. But he is so disciplined about going, and I love his excitement when I decide I will go with him and we can do something together...even if  that means lifting, going for a few laps around the track or just singing stupid songs on the way there. Right now it helps me cope with the fact that I can't run/workout like I used to.

It's a strange thing to give up control of my body. I often feel like I am bigger than I "should" be, but really...who the heck cares?! I'm trying my best with what I've been given and the baby is healthy. A new step in this journey has been releasing control of what's happening in my body...mostly because I really can't do much about it and there are so many weirrrrd feelings...and then celebrating for all women of all shapes and sizes. Each one of us (pregnant or not) has something beautiful to offer! And not just physical attributes.

It's another reminder I've needed more lately.
I also found this post and this one to be great reads.

And back to THANKSGIVING. The real reason for this post!

Thursday we hit up both families. We are truly blessed to have amazing families that are so fun, supportive, crazy, and enjoyable. Here are just a few pictures from the Reed gathering...

Carson liked rubbing my belly

Most pictures are of Carson because the other 4 boys were constantly running around or outside together :)

Friday we did some casual shopping to get Christmas presents for our nephews, Corey helped Kenny and Jenny move into their new home (boo yah!), and we had our besties over. Always a blast with them :)

Saturday morning Corey and I woke up and watched YouTube videos. Seems strange, but really just fun. It was great not having something to rush to. Mags helped us relax in her typical fashion.

Ignore the outfit...

Later Court watched the MI game with a friend while I hung out with another bff. (Do you like all this middle school lingo I'm adding?). Last night Corey also steam cleaned a bunch of our house and exclaimed, "This steam cleaner is awesome! I love it!" in complete seriousness. Fabulous? I think so. And then we watched some more football.

Side note: isn't it weird that the quarterbacks touch the center's butts right before the ball is snapped? After years of watching football, that struck me last night. Corey tried to explain it, but it still seemed awkward.

I apologize for the ADD that's constantly kicking in during this post.

Today we put up our Christmas lights outside (and may never do it again), went to the gym, and then made an Oreo dessert to negate our workouts.

Seems mundane, but it's been simply terrific.
And I have so much too be thankful for I cannot even begin to list it all.

What was your favorite part about Thanksgiving? 


Leah Bradley said...

I thought putting up lights was going to be so easy that Corey was going to love doing it each year? ;)

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