Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nursery Reveal

Here it is folks: our nursery reveal!

Corey and I first picked the bedding from Land of Nod and then determined paint colors (Sherwin Williams Silver Strand and Valspar Deep Sea Diving). For the wall gallery I painted the letters from Hobby Lobby and found four prints on Etsy to match our whale/color theme. One of the prints I made, and the picture with Psalms was a gift from my best friend a few years ago. The blocks in the apothecary jar were Corey's mom's when she was little.

When Will arrives we're going to replace the maternity photos with close ups of his hands, feet, lips and eyes via Jennifer Grace Photography. The rest of to-do list includes recovering the glider with a navy fabric (with the help of a gracious friend) and putting in the rest of the necessities from our registry.

Corey and I are thankful to get a jump start on the nursery, and we are so thrilled to be able to rest, journal and dream in here now...since I'm sure it won't be that luxurious once Will arrives ;)

Thank you for being so invested in our little one already...enjoy the pictures!



Empty spaces for more books, toys, etc.

Some of the books and hand-made toy were gifts from sweet family/friends

Lamp and some toys

Pretty sure he likes plaid and stripes ;)

Changing pad will go on the right side of the dresser

A bowl for pacifiers or finger nail clippers perhaps?

Here's to a few more months of rest before Will joins us!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Day

Like everyone else in the Midwest, we have piles of snow and negative temps...which led to a snow day for me today. Although I really need to make head way on my long work to-do list (can you believe I just said that?!), I can never pass up a day of rest.

This weekend was spent catching up with a dear friend, attending a co-worker's wedding reception, a fabulous sermon on comparison found here, a trip with my sister-in-law to IKEA, and a wonderful small group discussion.

A few wedding photos...

Today will consist of putting the rest of the nursery items together (a reveal post hopefully to come by Saturday!), reading, cleaning, laundry. Not too thrilling, but it sounds just dandy. Although I'd like to run a million errands, sometimes it's nice being forced to take things slow. So slow it is today :)

Stay warm!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Belly Stares

Folks, it's been a great few weeks...I've only needed the Zofran (for nausea and vomiting) a couple times! I forgot what it felt like to feel "normal"--besides having difficulty putting shoes on--and I'm truly thankful.

I've been noticing a lot of belly stares lately. The first trimester I kind of thought I maybe noticed a difference in my body...but it was mostly the pooch I had before even being pregnant. Come second trimester, though, I've moved into the "Is she pregnant or just chunky?" phase, and now I'm finally in the true baby bump stage! I can honestly say that feeling Will's constant kicks, seeing my belly go crazy as he moves, having an actual baby belly, and feeling better physically has allowed me to enjoy this phase of pregnancy! But boy, you really only get a few good months until transitioning into the cute bump to whale phase. (Unless you are one of those annoyingly skinny people who look cute the entire time).

For now the looks are enjoyable because people are staring and smiling...not awkwardly staring and puzzled :) The looks at the gym have been the best. Some such as "wow, she gained some weight" to "oh, that's why!" and "Wow, she's still running?" I'd also recommend getting professional maternity pictures taken within the 2nd trimester because you feel the best. Although, I think we're going to get one more set taken in the 3rd trimester just to document our final days of freedom and have some taken in the snow. And because I really haven't gotten into the weekly bump updates like I thought I would...good thing we're having a boy who won't care either way.

So anyway, feel free to stare and even touch my belly. It's no longer weird since there is definitely a real-non-food-2 pound-9 inches long baby in there :) Here's to 25 weeks!

Monday, January 20, 2014


This weekend we were able to rest at our dear friends' house in Indiana. As always, it was so wonderful catching up with Stac and Adam who are more like siblings than friends! We arrived late Friday night, so there was only time for eating (ha) and chatting. On Saturday Stac and I did a little bit of shopping (scoring some stellar deals for work attire) while the guys stayed home. They were in the same spots when we returned...drinking beer and watching ice skating. They are losers. Saturday night we were able to do more yummy eating, laughing, and truly lounge around as if it were our own home. Sunday we heard a great message from their pastor, had lunch with some of their sweet friends, and headed home in time for small group.

Our church started a new series called Satisfied, Discovering Contentment in a World of Consumption. It's based off a book our main teaching pastor, Jeff Manion, recently published. We had our first small group study about it this week, and already I am pumped. Gaining an new awareness of the items I've accumulated, and how much stock I put in them, is a necessary process. A word that continued throughout our lesson last night was balance. You can check out the sermon series here.

This week is pretty low-key. On Friday I'm looking forward to seeing a friend I've been missing, and Saturday we will hit up church and attend a wedding for a co-worker of mine. Sunday I'm taking a trip to IKEA with my sister-in-law, and we will continue with Satisfied.

I am eager to obtain the last of our decorations for the nursery at IKEA. Although some people are overwhelmed by the store or assembly instructions *Ahem Corey*, I enjoy being able to purchase cute things on a budget! It will be useful to have the Satisfied series in the back of my mind when I'll be tempted to purchase items not on the list. 

With that said, I plan to have the nursery done next week! I am so excited to have a "reveal" post about it. Obviously we won't have all the items from our registries, and the glider may not be recovered by then, but you will get the gist. And more importantly, I'm pumped to sit, pray, sing, tell jokes, whatever in there. Since you know, it probably won't ever be that calm once there's a crying baby enjoying the space! I also retrieved a journal for the nursery. Sounds silly but driving through cornfields gives you plenty of time to think. Corey and I did a lot of discussing about our future, and what we truly want to instill in Will is a spirit of gratitude. I'm hoping to write at least one thing I'm thankful for each day (or at least a few a week)...and continue the journey when Will has arrived and grows older. I'm honestly not sure how realistic of a goal this is to do with a newborn/toddler/young boy, but I thought it won't happen at all if I don't at least start.

And those thoughts about delivery I mentioned in my last post? Basically I had my first freak out last week about how in the world I would survive post-delivery...like the first few hours and week after Will is born. So many unknowns, but that's also what makes it exciting. So that's it for now...

How are you growing in this new year?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Friends, I'm taking a little hiatus from the blog.

No worries, not a long one (for the 3 people who follow ;))

There are some people in my life going through major situations, and I need to devote my time to them. 

I also have a cold. And having a cold while being pregnant (after getting over the stomach flu) is not fun. Not to mention I've clogged at least my 6th toilet since being pregnant. 

I'm not even kidding.

So I'm going to stop pitying myself when there are bigger issues in life, rest up, serve others, visit wonderful friends this weekend...and then be in a better place to share life. 

Especially since I've had lots of thoughts about delivery since switching OBs that I feel compelled to share. (Whoop!)

Until next week!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Declare It Day

Declare It Day.

As part of my half marathon in Chicago last June, I joined the Fellow Flowers group with some friends. It's an inspirational group that was designed to give women purpose behind their fitness. 

It's not about losing the most weight, running the farthest, or running the fastest. 

It's about being healthy. 
Setting an example for our children, neighbors, family, friends
Making a goal and sticking to it
Encouraging fellow women 
Seeing the good despite the challenges 
Perseverance and hope

This movement has been extremely empowering, and I've been able to incorporate my own spiritual elements into it while running.

On 2.1.14 Fellow Flowers is having Declare It Day.

There is no charge and no meeting...just a celebration and vocalization of what your goal is. I want to pass it along in case anyone else has a desire to join. You can check them out on Facebook here.

I am eager to write out (they provide a pretty download on Jan 29!) and share my goals with other women across the country. I have many things I'd like to work on this year, such as continued time with the Lord, loving my husband in more tangible ways, etc. However, I'm sticking to two main pursuits since this year will be a full one:

1. Embrace the rest of my pregnancy, delivery and motherhood. Soaking up all the joys and pains and being comfortable in the fact that being a mom is amazing as well as difficult. 
(More details on that to come later my pregnancy)

2. Run the Mitchell's Run 5k on August 17. I'm not running for time--I am running to finish. To give praise to the Lord for the healthy body He has blessed me with, as well as set an example for Will. Why not start early in showing him that it's important to acknowledge and respect determined, strong women who obtain their strength from the Lord.

So how about you...what will you declare?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Florida Vacation

We are back from our Osbeck Florida vacation...and it entailed many adventures! 
This post will be lengthy, somewhat random as usual, and piled with pictures.

The sun was setting when we arrived on Saturday, so we hung around the condo and decided to scope out the surrounding area later. On Sunday we visited the Tampa aquarium due to it raining all day. We had so much fun!

Starting at 8:30pm that night, though, I began vomiting (among other things) at least once every hour until the anti-nausea medicine finally started working at 4:30am (I'll spare the horrid details). I haven't experienced a worse feeling of helplessness than being away from home with a severe flu while pregnant. Thankfully I didn't end up going to the hospital when I was able to keep down sips of water, and praise The Lord for baby Will's constant movements. Although I felt scared and exhausted, I was thankful he was safe. And bless the kind nurse I kept calling in GR and her wisdom as she assisted me through it! Corey, my mother-in-law and parents were so sweet through it all, but it did take me the entire next day to recover on a liquid diet. I laid by the pool in a blanket (it was chilly and overcast), and then tried not to think about the immediate plane ride home I so desperately wanted.

Praise The Lord for sleep though...that night I slept the best ever in 15 weeks! I didn't wake up once during the 8 hours, I didn't have nausea immediately when waking up, and I was in a deep sleep where I couldn't even remember my crazy dreams. I felt so refreshed and a million times thankful. Especially grateful for a overall healthy body.

**Disclaimer: I know you didn't really need all those details (who wants to read about bodily functions?), but this blog helps me cope with life either by writing about the painful events or writing about silly things to relieve my mind/heart of what I experienced.**

After having a jump start to the morning on Tuesday, Corey and I hit up the outlet malls and then took maternity pictures on the beach. Jenny is an awesome photographer!! You can check her out on Facebook at Jennifer Grace Photography. Here are a few sneak peeks:

**Side note: Jenny is also going to take one last set of maternity pictures for us in the snow when I'm a little bit bigger (only 3 more weeks until I enter the 3rd trimester!) Then I will put all our announcement/maternity photos, as well as newborn photos, including texts/emails from people, in a photo book for Will.**

That evening we brought in the new year with family shuffleboard (getting tips from a sweet old woman), games, food and fireworks. During Cranium I almost peed my pants a few times from laughing so much...a problem I've had since way before becoming pregnant. It was a blast :)

Wednesday we woke up slowly. I laid in bed thinking about how much I love Will already...thanking The Lord for his constant sea otter movements that aren't painful yet. It was nice to have a day (although rainy again) to reflect on this past year and anticipate the joys and challenges of the year to come. We are continually in awe that the Lord would allow us to care for one of his children, and I truly cannot describe how much I love Will already. In the beginning of my pregnancy I was excited but weary and more anxious. Although I still have those moments, I definitely feel the Lord's presence in this journey, and I am surprised at how quickly I've allowed myself to be shaped into a mother. Obviously Will isn't here yet--and I'm probably not really making sense (those hormones!)--but I am confident that Will is a gift, and I am so eager to be his mom.

Anywho, back to vacation. Although it rained on Wednesday, we took the day slow by reflecting, reading, napping and eating. Occasionally I got a run and some walks in and Corey was diligent about working out (of course). 

Thursday was our first day of sun! We were able to spend the entire day at the pool. Then Corey and I got all dolled up to go on a date night. We drove 45 minutes away to check out a brewery in St. Petersburg only to find it closed and be stuck in a downpour. 

I was insanely cranky. 

Let's look at pictures and forget about those bad moments shall we?

The view from our balcony


The brewery 

Friday was a whooping 50 degrees for most of the morning, so we decided to check out the zoo in Tampa. Corey and I have always loved the zoo. The bonus was that this one had manatees! We also went on a "safari" tour and fed giraffes. Such a great end to the week.

This rhino was born on Will's due date last year!
Rhinos look like Pangea

That orangutan decided to cover himself in a blanket!

This penguin is not missing a head...just early morning stretching

We're going to compile everyone's pictures (so we have more than just pictures of animals ;)) and make a photo book.

Saturday was our travel day. We checked out downtown Disney in the morning. Although I'm not a huge Disney fan, it was neat to see the area, reminisce about my former family trips, and eat at Earl of Sandwich. Then we headed to the airport. Our flight was delayed, but after 7 hours in the airport we finally made it home safely by 2am this morning. 

All in all, it was sweet to spend some concentrated time with Corey and his family--they truly are a blessing. And most of all, I was able to be fully present with my husband which made my love, joy and respect for him grow even deeper.

Here's to 2014!