Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Declare It Day

Declare It Day.

As part of my half marathon in Chicago last June, I joined the Fellow Flowers group with some friends. It's an inspirational group that was designed to give women purpose behind their fitness. 

It's not about losing the most weight, running the farthest, or running the fastest. 

It's about being healthy. 
Setting an example for our children, neighbors, family, friends
Making a goal and sticking to it
Encouraging fellow women 
Seeing the good despite the challenges 
Perseverance and hope

This movement has been extremely empowering, and I've been able to incorporate my own spiritual elements into it while running.

On 2.1.14 Fellow Flowers is having Declare It Day.

There is no charge and no meeting...just a celebration and vocalization of what your goal is. I want to pass it along in case anyone else has a desire to join. You can check them out on Facebook here.

I am eager to write out (they provide a pretty download on Jan 29!) and share my goals with other women across the country. I have many things I'd like to work on this year, such as continued time with the Lord, loving my husband in more tangible ways, etc. However, I'm sticking to two main pursuits since this year will be a full one:

1. Embrace the rest of my pregnancy, delivery and motherhood. Soaking up all the joys and pains and being comfortable in the fact that being a mom is amazing as well as difficult. 
(More details on that to come later my pregnancy)

2. Run the Mitchell's Run 5k on August 17. I'm not running for time--I am running to finish. To give praise to the Lord for the healthy body He has blessed me with, as well as set an example for Will. Why not start early in showing him that it's important to acknowledge and respect determined, strong women who obtain their strength from the Lord.

So how about you...what will you declare?


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