Thursday, February 27, 2014


Mags, Luna and I are enjoying this beautiful sunshine! I seriously cannot get enough of it. 

At our shower last weekend, Stac said they barely have any snow in IN. Say what?! We still have piles and piles. But the sun definitely makes up for it in my book. And I don't really mind the temps since I seem to be so freakin' hot all the time now.

I had a long report to write and was thinking I'd have to work from home tonight to get it the surprise of yet another snow day was welcomed! Hopefully that makes all you non-school employees a littler happier that I worked for 4 hours today? ;)

No other eventful updates just random thoughts...

My mood this winter is 10 million times better on a sunny day

Students always seem to lose it this time of year

I keep wanting to eat tons salsa even though I've had 2 bad barfing episodes after indulging myself in it hardcore. What is my problem?!  And sorry for TMI.

Corey and I have had fun conversations lately about how I was always the "front row student" that annoyed him to the core as he was the "back row" or "B's get degrees" kind of student. His way of working through school is probably healthier...

Staple guns are hard to use. I must be a weakling. Or maybe it's because I'm trying to staple the fabric onto our glider footstool at a table that's too high? Yes, that must be it.

I'm excited to clean out our garage when it's warmer. Is that weird?

I started looking through some of my instagram photos from this past summer. I so cannot wait to get out on the trails with Corey, Will and Mags!

Our car seat was delivered today! And the poor fed ex man trudged it to our front door through piles of snow...oops

William Courtney is still sloshing around (that almost sounds gross). Today there was literally a lump on my belly where his hand or foot was. I'm seriously in awe of his life already. Each day we get more and more excited to meet him! We are so pumped to see what he looks like (hopefully has Corey's good looks), hear his little grunts, and figure out our new life together. 

7 more weeks till full-term!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pre-natal Classes

Remember when I told you that we were signed up for a million and a half classes? Well they've started...and they are actually fun!

I was in the worse mood ever on Monday. Partly work stress. Partly hormones. Partly anxiety about parenting. Partly feeling guilty for not enjoying pregnancy sometimes. Partly sleep-deprived. Partly being sick again. Partly excited for our future, but had no more room in the inn for other emotions.

Anyway, after an unexpected, mini crying session at work (I hate crying in front of others), I was in a sour mood for our first child birthing class. 

As soon as it started, though, I had a blast! Surprisingly, the wealth of info that was shared was not overwhelming but comforting. It was nice to know other people feel the same way I do.

Tonight we went to a 3rd trimester class through our doctor's office (the Womens Health Center downtown). A lot of it was the same information, but still it was nice to have a place where you can ask any question (like how soon can I lie on my belly after baby is out?) and feel validated by "the professionals."

And guess what else? A baby's poop takes on so many different forms and colors just in the first week! So gross and secretly fascinating

So I'm grateful for these classes. We have a few more weeks of child birthing, one breast feeding, a car seat safety (Did you know that 80% of car seats in MI are installed improperly?!), and an infant CPR class. Although this may  make for a long day, it's the supportive type of environment I'm needing right now.

And the best part?

The coaches (Dads) are required to give the big ole pregnant ladies back rubs in class!

Corey's a good sport ;)

Sunday, February 23, 2014


We had our first baby shower on Thursday which was a reminder of two things:

1. I am have awesome co-workers
2. Will is going to be here sooner than we realize

The work shower was after school at Grill One Eleven. Delicious food, kind friends, and thoughtful presents. There was even cake! I forgot to take a group shot. Rats.
Emily & Erica, please forgive me ;)

On Saturday we had another shower with friends at my best friend's parent's house. Side note: while at the shower I found out that I've been feeling Will hiccuping! Until today I thought Will was just kicking in perfect rhythm (hello pregnancy brain)...but come to find out he's just gulping the amniotic fluid. No big deal. And back to the shower...

It. was. amazing.

Stac did an incredible job planning and implementing from the all the tiny details to the whole theme of it all. We received tons of whale gifts which I was extra giddy about. We really do not know how to adequately show our gratitude for Stac or the other ladies in attendance! But from the bottom of our hearts we feel blessed by them.

And now for picture overload:

Meet the beautiful Scarlett--Will's new friend!

Adorable guest book :)

We are truly in awe of how supported we already feel; and knowing Will is going to be surround by that much joy and love is something we are beyond thankful for!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Glider Recover

We're making progress with the glider!

My lovely small group women came over last night for food and sewing. Basically Alicia and Becky did everything while the rest of us stuck to pinning, seam ripping and supervising. I haven't used my sewing machine in quite some time (eek!) because I haven't spent time to fix the tension on don't need to know that we had Alicia sew to be safe.

Since I didn't actually do the hard work, the tutorial blog post was not an option. 
Instead, here's some before, during and after pictures!

Mags tried to help of course

I just need to hand sew some ties on the back piece and recover the footstool. 

So glad these ladies are always willing to help a gal out!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Happened...

I finally got that massage!

You thought I was actually going to write something scandalous (or even interesting), didn't you? ha, fooled ya. But boy, it's the little things in life--like massages--that I'm enjoying right now. And my massage therapist's motto was fabulous: "Massages are not a luxury...they are a necessity."

I couldn't agree more.

I've also started seeing a chiropractor for my hips, lower back, and preparing for delivery. I've never been to one before, so some of the concepts are new to me. I appreciate that the chiropractor we see is about an overall healthy lifestyle and reminding us that we are the ones who have to make healthy decisions for ourselves. He can't fix us ;)

I've also been so so thankful for the ability to exercise. It's been a month-ish since my last run, and I was able to get a mile in on Monday. I mostly hated how freakin' long it took to walk a few miles, and I was inspired by some friends running their 11 miles in the snow. Anywho, running jogging felt wonderful. It was real slow and simply needed. At this point I plan to continue walking with only a little bit of jogging in there. As always, Corey has been a huge encouragement in this area. He asks if I'd like to join him at the gym, but he also understands when I simply don't have the energy. 

For him I'm grateful. 

Not to mention that my body can move! Pregnancy has given me a taste of what it feels like to age, and I am oh so privileged to be mobile. Movement is a gift that I often take for granted.

Okay, enough of this exercise talk. Some exciting things to look forward to...

The small group ladies are coming over on Friday to recover our nursery glider! I was planning on navy, but that wasn't available at the fabric store. Instead, I got this really pretty gray paisley-type patterned fabric. I think it will be grand. I'm hoping to post a tutorial (or at least before/after pictures) afterwards.

Also this week I have my first showers! The staff at my work are throwing one after school on Thursday (so sweet), and my BFF is driving up from Indiana to throw me one this weekend! I am. so. excited. Sometimes it's awkward opening gifts in front of people, but I am grateful that it's such a clear picture of how many people already care for Will. I wish my words could truly depict how blessed we feel!

And the last good news of the hit 40 degrees today! Temps are supposed to stay high for a few more days, which I am pumped about. I mean, all the people complaining about snow (I've been guilty) are annoying--we live in Michigan, people. BUT I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about the warmer air and sunshine. 

So there you have it.

Have you ever reupholstered furniture before?   

Friday, February 14, 2014

Heart Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I gave Corey my present early (as usual) except this time he asked for it early rather than me offering...I think I've conditioned him! We're so fancy that I got him PJ pants on clearance from Meijer and the only thing I truly want are candy hearts (you think I'm kidding, but I'm really not). 

Tonight we'll probably go to the gym--which will be awesome because none of the other romantics like us will be there--and then we're going out to lunch tomorrow with a gift card. If we're feeling real adventurous we may even get Shamrock Shakes from McDonalds. Extra healthy. 

If this is what getting old feels like then I like it. 

Valentine's & my birthday have never been my fav days of celebration, so low-key is cool. Not to mention we have so many other things to look forward to and ways to celebrate our love each day like...

a breast pump covered by our insurance (so romantic!)
Monday off of work to spend together
baby showers
cuddles by the fireplace
relaxing in the Saturday sunshine on a cold day
9 weeks until I'm full-term

And a 28 week photo just for kicks.

Love the little man growing in me!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Through the Satisfied series at church, we've been discovering (again) how wealthy we truly are. Obviously there are always people who have larger incomes, but compared to the rest of the world we, as Americans, are insanely rich. Although this is not a new or shocking statement to me (and I presume anyone who is reading this post), I still neglect to understand the significance of the statement. 

I have so many thoughts right now, but I can't keep to formulate them in a way I like. One thing from all of the reflections streaming through my brain, though, is generosity. 


  1. the quality of being kind and generous.

We have friends who last year set aside a specific amount in their monthly budget to give away. I don't know the amount, and I certainly don't need to know. But what I loved is that they first sought to take care of others' needs before splurging on their own wants. 

As I continue to reflect, more ideas, thoughts and concerns flow in. But ultimately, Corey and I have decided  we want to live a more generous life--and start before Will joins us--to further the effort of raising him with a spirit of gratitude. 

Maybe that will look like more babysitting for friends, shoveling for our neighbors, a card for our mail carrier, serving our parents dinner, mentoring our nephews, or helping someone carry groceries to their car. 

For sure it means being more consistent about the obedience of well as being intentional enough to listen to the Spirit as to other ways we can give financially and of ourselves. Both in the big and the small.

So tell me, in what ways has your heart been moved lately?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Welp, I've got a cold again. Rats. Having the stomach flu and 2 colds while pregnant in 6 weeks is not my favorite thing. Sometimes it's hard not complain, but I'm vowing to stop after this next sentence:

I feel like crap in so many ways.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, I can focus on more fun topics. (I was about to write "funner" which made me think of a student who always says "worser" no matter how many times I attempt to correct her...sometimes it's hard not to chuckle). 

Anyway, February first was Declare It Day! I declared that I am going to run the Mitchell's Run 5k on August 16 three months matter how long it takes me! I'm already envisioning Corey and Will at the finish line (either sleeping or crying). It was quite inspiring to see all the women post their goals for this year--to grow as individuals and as a collective whole. It's amazing what we can do with some encouragement and accountability! There were so many incredible posts and sweet (and unexpected) remarks from friends that I was teary-eyed. Not to mention I'm totally freaked out about it one second and so completely determined the next.

Corey and I have also signed up for our prenatal classes! We're doing a 6 week birthing class, breastfeeding class, hospital tour and car seat safety class. It's seems kind of excessive, but whatevs. You only have a firstborn once. I hear that the breast feeding class is really the most beneficial, so I'm eager for it...especially after hearing so many people's horror stories ;)

Since our insurance just changed (which I'm thrilled about because I love my new OB/spectrum thus far!), we're going to look into massages. Corey and I are pumped!

And really, that's about it in life right now. Just following my day-to-day routine and trying to keep keeping Mags out of trouble.

Have you taken any classes as an adult?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Morning Movements

I learned early on in this pregnancy that no two pregnacies are alike. Some people never have morning sickness while others have it so bad they need injections at the hospital. Some people gain 50 pounds while others gain 20. Some people have heart burn while others have excruciating leg cramps. And so on.

In some ways, it's fun to know that my experience is not like any others. It's a journey that only Will and I have been able to ride out together. In other ways, though, it can be kind of scary (if I'm being completely honest!). I experienced more anxiety than anticipated in the first trimester, had a few solid months in the second, and now that I'm entering the 3rd, I've hit a whole new set of "is this normal?" I actually have been thankful for the advice from the moms around me. They are less overwhelming than the internet ;)

Lately I've been experiencing increased back aches and very mild pain in my lower abdomen. It doesn't typically last, there have been no accompanying fluids, and it doesn't feel like I think it's my body saying, "I'm stretching you, and you'll thank me later." 

I was also having some worries over delivery. I mean, how am I supposed to have a human being rip out of my body and then actually take care of it while I'm supposed to heal?! But many mommas have been encouraging as they share their stories. And ultimately when I gave the worry over to the Lord I truly had a peace about it. I mean yes, I've never done it and do not know what to expect, but I am confident that He will give me the calmness, strength and protection I need.

Right now the planner in me is comfortable with only having two aspects to a birth plan (epidural as soon as possible and no one in the room except Corey). I've had some surprises emotionally and spiritually in this journey thus far, and one has been a more relaxed go-with-the-flow attitude over significant aspects of this pregnancy (although it may take a couple freak outs to get there). 

Oh and that's another thing to this rambling post...I absolutely cannot wait to see Corey with Will the first time. Yes, I'm pumped to see, hear, hold our little boy but really, I am pumped for Corey to fully experience him. I've been able to hog Will this entire time, and I anticipate it to be a moving experience to witness my first love meet my other love.

And what else? I'm desperately praying for dear friends to be able to start pregnancy journeys of their own--I know it will happen soon!

So there you have it. My random thoughts at 7:30am on a Sunday as I feel Will's daily morning acrobatic routine.

What preoccupies your thoughts when you can't sleep?