Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Welp, I've got a cold again. Rats. Having the stomach flu and 2 colds while pregnant in 6 weeks is not my favorite thing. Sometimes it's hard not complain, but I'm vowing to stop after this next sentence:

I feel like crap in so many ways.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, I can focus on more fun topics. (I was about to write "funner" which made me think of a student who always says "worser" no matter how many times I attempt to correct her...sometimes it's hard not to chuckle). 

Anyway, February first was Declare It Day! I declared that I am going to run the Mitchell's Run 5k on August 16 three months post-partum...no matter how long it takes me! I'm already envisioning Corey and Will at the finish line (either sleeping or crying). It was quite inspiring to see all the women post their goals for this year--to grow as individuals and as a collective whole. It's amazing what we can do with some encouragement and accountability! There were so many incredible posts and sweet (and unexpected) remarks from friends that I was teary-eyed. Not to mention I'm totally freaked out about it one second and so completely determined the next.

Corey and I have also signed up for our prenatal classes! We're doing a 6 week birthing class, breastfeeding class, hospital tour and car seat safety class. It's seems kind of excessive, but whatevs. You only have a firstborn once. I hear that the breast feeding class is really the most beneficial, so I'm eager for it...especially after hearing so many people's horror stories ;)

Since our insurance just changed (which I'm thrilled about because I love my new OB/spectrum thus far!), we're going to look into massages. Corey and I are pumped!

And really, that's about it in life right now. Just following my day-to-day routine and trying to keep keeping Mags out of trouble.

Have you taken any classes as an adult?


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