Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Happened...

I finally got that massage!

You thought I was actually going to write something scandalous (or even interesting), didn't you? ha, fooled ya. But boy, it's the little things in life--like massages--that I'm enjoying right now. And my massage therapist's motto was fabulous: "Massages are not a luxury...they are a necessity."

I couldn't agree more.

I've also started seeing a chiropractor for my hips, lower back, and preparing for delivery. I've never been to one before, so some of the concepts are new to me. I appreciate that the chiropractor we see is about an overall healthy lifestyle and reminding us that we are the ones who have to make healthy decisions for ourselves. He can't fix us ;)

I've also been so so thankful for the ability to exercise. It's been a month-ish since my last run, and I was able to get a mile in on Monday. I mostly hated how freakin' long it took to walk a few miles, and I was inspired by some friends running their 11 miles in the snow. Anywho, running jogging felt wonderful. It was real slow and simply needed. At this point I plan to continue walking with only a little bit of jogging in there. As always, Corey has been a huge encouragement in this area. He asks if I'd like to join him at the gym, but he also understands when I simply don't have the energy. 

For him I'm grateful. 

Not to mention that my body can move! Pregnancy has given me a taste of what it feels like to age, and I am oh so privileged to be mobile. Movement is a gift that I often take for granted.

Okay, enough of this exercise talk. Some exciting things to look forward to...

The small group ladies are coming over on Friday to recover our nursery glider! I was planning on navy, but that wasn't available at the fabric store. Instead, I got this really pretty gray paisley-type patterned fabric. I think it will be grand. I'm hoping to post a tutorial (or at least before/after pictures) afterwards.

Also this week I have my first showers! The staff at my work are throwing one after school on Thursday (so sweet), and my BFF is driving up from Indiana to throw me one this weekend! I am. so. excited. Sometimes it's awkward opening gifts in front of people, but I am grateful that it's such a clear picture of how many people already care for Will. I wish my words could truly depict how blessed we feel!

And the last good news of the week...it hit 40 degrees today! Temps are supposed to stay high for a few more days, which I am pumped about. I mean, all the people complaining about snow (I've been guilty) are annoying--we live in Michigan, people. BUT I'd be lying if I said I didn't care about the warmer air and sunshine. 

So there you have it.

Have you ever reupholstered furniture before?   


Leah Bradley said...

I'm glad you're finally jumping on the massage band wagan.

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