Sunday, February 2, 2014

Morning Movements

I learned early on in this pregnancy that no two pregnacies are alike. Some people never have morning sickness while others have it so bad they need injections at the hospital. Some people gain 50 pounds while others gain 20. Some people have heart burn while others have excruciating leg cramps. And so on.

In some ways, it's fun to know that my experience is not like any others. It's a journey that only Will and I have been able to ride out together. In other ways, though, it can be kind of scary (if I'm being completely honest!). I experienced more anxiety than anticipated in the first trimester, had a few solid months in the second, and now that I'm entering the 3rd, I've hit a whole new set of "is this normal?" I actually have been thankful for the advice from the moms around me. They are less overwhelming than the internet ;)

Lately I've been experiencing increased back aches and very mild pain in my lower abdomen. It doesn't typically last, there have been no accompanying fluids, and it doesn't feel like I think it's my body saying, "I'm stretching you, and you'll thank me later." 

I was also having some worries over delivery. I mean, how am I supposed to have a human being rip out of my body and then actually take care of it while I'm supposed to heal?! But many mommas have been encouraging as they share their stories. And ultimately when I gave the worry over to the Lord I truly had a peace about it. I mean yes, I've never done it and do not know what to expect, but I am confident that He will give me the calmness, strength and protection I need.

Right now the planner in me is comfortable with only having two aspects to a birth plan (epidural as soon as possible and no one in the room except Corey). I've had some surprises emotionally and spiritually in this journey thus far, and one has been a more relaxed go-with-the-flow attitude over significant aspects of this pregnancy (although it may take a couple freak outs to get there). 

Oh and that's another thing to this rambling post...I absolutely cannot wait to see Corey with Will the first time. Yes, I'm pumped to see, hear, hold our little boy but really, I am pumped for Corey to fully experience him. I've been able to hog Will this entire time, and I anticipate it to be a moving experience to witness my first love meet my other love.

And what else? I'm desperately praying for dear friends to be able to start pregnancy journeys of their own--I know it will happen soon!

So there you have it. My random thoughts at 7:30am on a Sunday as I feel Will's daily morning acrobatic routine.

What preoccupies your thoughts when you can't sleep?


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