Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pre-natal Classes

Remember when I told you that we were signed up for a million and a half classes? Well they've started...and they are actually fun!

I was in the worse mood ever on Monday. Partly work stress. Partly hormones. Partly anxiety about parenting. Partly feeling guilty for not enjoying pregnancy sometimes. Partly sleep-deprived. Partly being sick again. Partly excited for our future, but had no more room in the inn for other emotions.

Anyway, after an unexpected, mini crying session at work (I hate crying in front of others), I was in a sour mood for our first child birthing class. 

As soon as it started, though, I had a blast! Surprisingly, the wealth of info that was shared was not overwhelming but comforting. It was nice to know other people feel the same way I do.

Tonight we went to a 3rd trimester class through our doctor's office (the Womens Health Center downtown). A lot of it was the same information, but still it was nice to have a place where you can ask any question (like how soon can I lie on my belly after baby is out?) and feel validated by "the professionals."

And guess what else? A baby's poop takes on so many different forms and colors just in the first week! So gross and secretly fascinating

So I'm grateful for these classes. We have a few more weeks of child birthing, one breast feeding, a car seat safety (Did you know that 80% of car seats in MI are installed improperly?!), and an infant CPR class. Although this may  make for a long day, it's the supportive type of environment I'm needing right now.

And the best part?

The coaches (Dads) are required to give the big ole pregnant ladies back rubs in class!

Corey's a good sport ;)


Amanda V said...

We took the class at GR Women's Health too! I felt the same way, it was very informative, and it was easy to ask questions during it! Who is your doctor? Mine was Dr. Hubbard, but Dr. Bose delivered Quinn, since she was born on a weekend!

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