Sunday, February 23, 2014


We had our first baby shower on Thursday which was a reminder of two things:

1. I am have awesome co-workers
2. Will is going to be here sooner than we realize

The work shower was after school at Grill One Eleven. Delicious food, kind friends, and thoughtful presents. There was even cake! I forgot to take a group shot. Rats.
Emily & Erica, please forgive me ;)

On Saturday we had another shower with friends at my best friend's parent's house. Side note: while at the shower I found out that I've been feeling Will hiccuping! Until today I thought Will was just kicking in perfect rhythm (hello pregnancy brain)...but come to find out he's just gulping the amniotic fluid. No big deal. And back to the shower...

It. was. amazing.

Stac did an incredible job planning and implementing from the all the tiny details to the whole theme of it all. We received tons of whale gifts which I was extra giddy about. We really do not know how to adequately show our gratitude for Stac or the other ladies in attendance! But from the bottom of our hearts we feel blessed by them.

And now for picture overload:

Meet the beautiful Scarlett--Will's new friend!

Adorable guest book :)

We are truly in awe of how supported we already feel; and knowing Will is going to be surround by that much joy and love is something we are beyond thankful for!


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