Thursday, February 27, 2014


Mags, Luna and I are enjoying this beautiful sunshine! I seriously cannot get enough of it. 

At our shower last weekend, Stac said they barely have any snow in IN. Say what?! We still have piles and piles. But the sun definitely makes up for it in my book. And I don't really mind the temps since I seem to be so freakin' hot all the time now.

I had a long report to write and was thinking I'd have to work from home tonight to get it the surprise of yet another snow day was welcomed! Hopefully that makes all you non-school employees a littler happier that I worked for 4 hours today? ;)

No other eventful updates just random thoughts...

My mood this winter is 10 million times better on a sunny day

Students always seem to lose it this time of year

I keep wanting to eat tons salsa even though I've had 2 bad barfing episodes after indulging myself in it hardcore. What is my problem?!  And sorry for TMI.

Corey and I have had fun conversations lately about how I was always the "front row student" that annoyed him to the core as he was the "back row" or "B's get degrees" kind of student. His way of working through school is probably healthier...

Staple guns are hard to use. I must be a weakling. Or maybe it's because I'm trying to staple the fabric onto our glider footstool at a table that's too high? Yes, that must be it.

I'm excited to clean out our garage when it's warmer. Is that weird?

I started looking through some of my instagram photos from this past summer. I so cannot wait to get out on the trails with Corey, Will and Mags!

Our car seat was delivered today! And the poor fed ex man trudged it to our front door through piles of snow...oops

William Courtney is still sloshing around (that almost sounds gross). Today there was literally a lump on my belly where his hand or foot was. I'm seriously in awe of his life already. Each day we get more and more excited to meet him! We are so pumped to see what he looks like (hopefully has Corey's good looks), hear his little grunts, and figure out our new life together. 

7 more weeks till full-term!


Stacy Hoeksema said...

We are supposed to get 6-10 inches this weekend! :)

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