Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Big 7-1

Well kids, this weekend has turned out as expected...quite restful and fun! We celebrated my Dad's 71st birthday yesterday. We had fun eating and laughing. My family is going to rent some cabins (no worries, indoor plumbing, microwave and coffee maker for Corey...sigh :)) on Wolf Lake in June. We are so pumped! It's exciting to think it will be Will's first family trip. I'm so thankful for the Godly man my Dad is, and I am excited for him and Will to meet. I forgot to get a picture with my Dad--rats--but I snapped a few others... 

I can't believe how big they are!!

Who doesn't want a cat hanger?

Luna refused to make eye contact

 Unfortunately a common sight...

Words cannot describe how much I love, admire and appreciate my pops!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Do you ever have a week that you were so excited to be done with? That was mine. Nothing too eventful even occurred...just ready for the rest the weekend will hopefully provide. Turn off my brain for awhile (who am I kidding? My brain doesn't work properly anyway), kick back, enjoy my Dad's 71st birthday and take naps. For those of you who don't know me...I don't take naps. I used to think they were a complete waste of time. But the first (and now third) trimester of pregnancy has changed my attitude. Naps, in moderation, can be so helpful. 

Corey and I have been chatting more about what our hospital stay may look like since we're only 3 weeks away from full term! (6 weeks from my due date). I'd gladly take some unpaid time off work for Will to come in 3 weeks...Corey thinks he needs to cook a bit longer ;) We'll see what happens!

We're thinking we won't have visitors, besides family, in the hospital. We've seriously loved our classes, and the recommendation is to utilize the support you have in the hospital and save all the visitors for later. Obviously we want to celebrate and share our little one with the people we love, but I'm thinking there is some wisdom to their suggestions. And I like having appropriate boundaries. Don't get me wrong though...if you are reading this and want to visit, we'd LOVE to have you! Just please call first so it's a pleasurable experience for all ;)

Corey and I have learned so much at the aforementioned classes. They were great! The child birthing ones helped subside my anxiety and increase my excitement. Best part was being around those traveling through the same process. We also did a breast feeding class. Holy latching on techniques, batman. I had no clue (or desire to learn about) breastfeeding. I've retained some tips to try, but mostly, I'm thankful to know that there are FREE support groups in Grand Rapids. So many resources at our fingertips! I totally get if people don't want to/can't make any classes. But for us they were muy beneficial. Are we still going to feel like we have no clue what we're doing? Yes. But maybe a little less so now.

Yesterday I thought it could be the start of labor, but turns out I just had more intense Braxton Hicks contractions. I typically race around work, but yesterday I was. a. sloth. My belly felt so tight and uncomfortable. I couldn't move quickly if I wanted to. The BH were inconsistent and eventually went away though. Today, at 34 weeks, I was thankfully moving like usual and so was Will. 

And that's really all I have to say about that.
(What movie?)

Cheers to the weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Embrace It

I've probably said what I'm about to type a million times already. Or maybe not. I honestly can't remember anything these days as I learn that pregnancy brain is a real thing. (My doctor even said so). 

What I'm finally comfortable admitting is that I don't enjoy being pregnant. 

Say what?!

I mean, I absolutely love Will more than I can even verbalize, and I'm sure this feeling will increase exponentially once he's in my arms. I absolutely love his movements. The kicks, punches, tickles, waves, dances. I absolutely love that we've been given a gift, and I don't want to take that for granted. I love having photos to document his development and remind Corey and I of our love for each other.

The rest of pregnancy...just not my favorite thing.

I recently posted a quick video of Will's movements on FB. There were so many experienced moms reminding me to enjoy it as it is something they miss. I am sweetened by their encouragement, and they remind me that I really need to...

Embrace it. 

Embrace the last 4-8 weeks (ha!) of pregnancy. Embrace the life that the Lord has blessed us with even if my body screams otherwise. There is purpose for the discomforts and so much joy to be had during this entire process. So much personal growth has occurred through my minute challenges of pregnancy, and more significant growth will undoubtedly occur as Corey and I soon navigate parenthood.

No matter how tiring or long or uncomfortable pregnancy is (just bring real), I'm grateful I have the opportunity to experience it. To embrace it. 

So here's to embracing the final stretch of this prepartum leg cramp at a time ;)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Organized Nursery

I love organization, but sorting out a nursery was something I've never had to do before. Here is a list of steps and pictures of my process which I hope may be helpful to you:

1. Start a pinterest board for ideas which will help you prioritize your favorite items (hello obvious ;)). 

2. Find bedding (or a rug, pillow or print) and match paint colors and other decor from it

3. On paper, draw out what you want your closet to look like as a starting point. You may do something completely different than your neighbor just depending on the storage your closet has available. Then draw out where the main furniture (crib, dresser/changing table, glider) will go in the nursery. I did this for our wall gallery frames too.

4. Add in extra furniture and change plans accordingly while obtaining info online. For example, we were going to do a long bookcase under the window but instead went for a taller one in between the glider and crib after looking at dimensions and prices. Also look for deals at places such as IKEA, Meijer, Wal-Mart or Target. These items typically hold up just as well as furniture from more expensive places, and they are just as cute! 

5. After obtaining and assembling the furniture, put sticky notes in the dresser drawers and bookcases/shelves to indicate what you want in that spot. 

6. Get closet dividers to separate clothes by size (Etsy), as well as dresser drawer organizers (IKEA). Even with shorter dresser drawers like ours, the separators are helpful!

7. Purchase bins of some sort to organize all the little items like socks, burp cloths, hats, toys, etc.

8. Purchase some hangers from Target prior to showers. These are by far the cheapest (10 for $1 usually!)

9. Wait until your showers are over (or mostly over) before you wash your clothes, blankets/sheets, changing pads, and burp cloths. I found it useful to spend a Sunday after church getting it all done at once. This also allowed me to move things around to better spots once we had most of the items.

10. Have a blast putting items away, relax and take it all in! Follow your sticky notes and revise to make items fit. I was surprised how much storage we actually used for our little one.

And now for the pictures...

The Closet
Basket with blankets, diapers & plastic (easy to clean) dirty cloths bin on the bottom
More blankets and diapers on the top shelf

I downloaded a free font and made the simple tags myself 

Similar closet dividers found here

The Dresser

Top left drawer
NB printed onesies, 0-3 white onesies & baby hats

Top right drawer under changing pad
NB diapers, wipes, creams & medical supplies

Middle left drawer
NB, 0-3 & 6M pants and shorts

Middle right drawer
Sleep sacks & PJs

Bottom left drawer
Bath towels, wash cloths and robes

Bottom right drawer
Swaddling blankets, sheets, changing pad covers
*Note: the items in the bottom drawers will most likely make their way to a linen closet. We also have a few tubs of bigger clothes in our basement.

Book/Toy Storage

I'm not crazy about the arrangement on top of the bookcase yet...

Living Room Storage
This is on our main level. I'm thinking we put the bumbo seat on the bottom shelf for easy access too.

Hopefully this can give you some ideas to make your nursery work for you.

Now we'll see how ours changes once baby Will arrives!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Family Shower

We are blessed with the best family ever. Our family is not perfect, but we love and support each other no matter what. A few weekends ago was an incredible display of our family's undeserving love for us (or mostly Will ;)). My three beautiful sisters-in-law did an amazing job making this shower so meaningful--not to mention the food was delicious!

If our earthly family and friends have this much love for us/Will, we are blown away by how much our Heavenly father loves us!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Friends, it is WARM out! A wonderful 52 degrees this afternoon. I loved that I didn't need a coat and it was a reminder that there is still hope this world. (Call me miss dramatic). 

The weather also relieved a mini freak out I had today. I found out that my maternity leave is unpaid. 

what the what?!

How in the flippin world I missed that memo is truly beyond me. Especially being a planner. Truth be told, I cried for a second. Mostly from shock, hormones, thinking I'll have to be pregnant 40+ weeks instead of 37 and less sleep last night. BUT when I actually thought things through, I was reminded that we are so freakin blessed because we will be fine, it's so good to have plans change, and ultimately the Lord is in control of when Will is going to arrive...and we are going to love him to the moon and back when he makes his grand entrance.

Speaking of the moon, Will and I have been doing some light reading. It's been fun to go through some of the classics (like Guess How Much I Love the moon and back) with him. I think he's also going to be so pumped to meet Mags when we bring him home from the hospital. You know, since she tried to communicate with the 50 neighborhood dogs who walked by our house while we were reading. When she wasn't barking, she was digging in a plant. No worries, the steam cleaner wasn't necessary this time. I do see, however, more timeouts looming in our future...

Corey and I were on a roll yesterday and put together the bassinet, bouncer, play set, baby gate, and bath tub. It was fun bonding time ;)

Mags was so intrigued by the sound the tub made. I took a video of her cocking her head back in forth with those cute floppy ears, but I was having technical difficulties uploading it here. I also wish I could upload a video of my belly. It's a unique perspective looking down at the little one doing a Beguine dance on the inside (look it up).

In the movie process, I did find a bunch of other videos that I didn't realize I had. Like me playing with my now TEN year old nephew when he was two, our other nephews' birthdays, playing with my bff and cat (we were obviously in the popular crowd...), singing on road trips with friends for weddings, and the like. 

Time flies.

It's crazy how fast all our nephews have grown up. And even crazier to think I'm going to be the mom in the videos and not the ridiculously awesome Aunt.

But'll be sweet :)

"I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all of Your wonders."
Psalm 9:1

Friday, March 7, 2014

Whale Nursery

To say we went with a whale theme for the nursery is an understatement. As soon as I found the bedding from Land of Nod I was hooked.

Enjoy some of the whale treasures in Will's future resting place!

No worries, the toys will come out before baby sleeps :)

Of all things, the hubs was obsessed with the humidifier 

Bath storage

Guest book at our first shower

Delicious cake at our second shower

And then there's the unending clothes...

I adore the fake jeans

hello thrift stores

Of course a curious boxer

And an uninterested cat

We are so thankful for all the thoughtful gifts. Is it possible to go overboard with whales? 
We don't think so!