Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Organized Nursery

I love organization, but sorting out a nursery was something I've never had to do before. Here is a list of steps and pictures of my process which I hope may be helpful to you:

1. Start a pinterest board for ideas which will help you prioritize your favorite items (hello obvious ;)). 

2. Find bedding (or a rug, pillow or print) and match paint colors and other decor from it

3. On paper, draw out what you want your closet to look like as a starting point. You may do something completely different than your neighbor just depending on the storage your closet has available. Then draw out where the main furniture (crib, dresser/changing table, glider) will go in the nursery. I did this for our wall gallery frames too.

4. Add in extra furniture and change plans accordingly while obtaining info online. For example, we were going to do a long bookcase under the window but instead went for a taller one in between the glider and crib after looking at dimensions and prices. Also look for deals at places such as IKEA, Meijer, Wal-Mart or Target. These items typically hold up just as well as furniture from more expensive places, and they are just as cute! 

5. After obtaining and assembling the furniture, put sticky notes in the dresser drawers and bookcases/shelves to indicate what you want in that spot. 

6. Get closet dividers to separate clothes by size (Etsy), as well as dresser drawer organizers (IKEA). Even with shorter dresser drawers like ours, the separators are helpful!

7. Purchase bins of some sort to organize all the little items like socks, burp cloths, hats, toys, etc.

8. Purchase some hangers from Target prior to showers. These are by far the cheapest (10 for $1 usually!)

9. Wait until your showers are over (or mostly over) before you wash your clothes, blankets/sheets, changing pads, and burp cloths. I found it useful to spend a Sunday after church getting it all done at once. This also allowed me to move things around to better spots once we had most of the items.

10. Have a blast putting items away, relax and take it all in! Follow your sticky notes and revise to make items fit. I was surprised how much storage we actually used for our little one.

And now for the pictures...

The Closet
Basket with blankets, diapers & plastic (easy to clean) dirty cloths bin on the bottom
More blankets and diapers on the top shelf

I downloaded a free font and made the simple tags myself 

Similar closet dividers found here

The Dresser

Top left drawer
NB printed onesies, 0-3 white onesies & baby hats

Top right drawer under changing pad
NB diapers, wipes, creams & medical supplies

Middle left drawer
NB, 0-3 & 6M pants and shorts

Middle right drawer
Sleep sacks & PJs

Bottom left drawer
Bath towels, wash cloths and robes

Bottom right drawer
Swaddling blankets, sheets, changing pad covers
*Note: the items in the bottom drawers will most likely make their way to a linen closet. We also have a few tubs of bigger clothes in our basement.

Book/Toy Storage

I'm not crazy about the arrangement on top of the bookcase yet...

Living Room Storage
This is on our main level. I'm thinking we put the bumbo seat on the bottom shelf for easy access too.

Hopefully this can give you some ideas to make your nursery work for you.

Now we'll see how ours changes once baby Will arrives!


Anonymous said...

Holly! I've been following your blog for awhile now and want you to know how PUMPED I am for little Will to enter the world! Your nursery is stinking adorable. Totally bookmarking this for future reference when God blesses us with a little one in the future...distant future ;)

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